And we thought we lived in BRENTWOOD.

And we thought we knew where we lived:  repost.   " My family has lived in the Brentwood area since I was about 6 years old. Since then we have been a residential community with an expected groceries, fuel stops and the essentials of a small community. But we were a tight residential community. In the name of progress, we had the oldest Black Family Community living in a predominantly white community--as a cultural enclave--leveled for a shopping center. I was away at school when the Rose Avenue culture was steamrolled. We currently have a mayor who has repeatedly undermined the residential character of Brentwood for commercial endeavors. But he, like termites works silently against the residential infrastructure to the point where the walls fall down around us. That is what is happening now. The people are not informed. The mayor as had financial interests in the projects he promotes He closes off meeting from the public and strikes the "confidentiality' clause over entire issues--to keep the people out of the decisional loop and proceeds as he wills. I perceive this as abuse of power, but then I still have a right to my opinion. I have to face the reality that my opinion will be dismissed for confidential reasons--as that is the way of Brentwood City Hall."


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