Charlie Dooley, like Mayor Kelly blowing money against the Will of the people.

Brentwood had a fierce internal debate between the Citizens and Mayor Kelly on outsourcing to ECDC our  911 dispatchers. His failure to get agreement with the people caused Kelly to take his agenda behind closed doors, Mayor Kelly signed HIS contract that the people did not want.  Now I read Charlie Dooley is sending some $223,000 to the City of Brentwood to upgrade our 911 services. These men may personally be saints.  But neither has a respect for tax dollars that go to their pet projects and neither belongs in Public Office.   Please do not follow Mayor Kelly in his charged against the will of the people.  And YES, ECDC FAILED to properly identify a fire location 2 blocks from the Fire Department. 
Maureen Wheat June 29, 2014 at 05:15 PM
Early voting will assure that YOUR vote will be authentically counted by the Board of Elections Commission. Not all voting venues can say the same thing. love, maureen


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