ECDC "gag order on Brentwood Administrators

In light of ECDC's failure to accurately pinpoint the correct location of a garage fire, 1-2 blocks from the Fire Department--I have to wonder what other ECDC issues have been unsuccessfully quashed? Is it true that the Mayor has an effective "gag order" applying to all City employees to not make any negative comments.  Our FR's are the very best--so we know the problem is not with the BFD or BPD--but what amounts to a "gag order" is reportedly in place.  I continue to find the non-transparency of City Hall in withholding of information about the effectiveness of ECDC Emergency Service communications really disturbing.  Our FR's deserve as good a communication by dispatchers as they provide excellence in services.  Our Brentwood dispatchers were outsourced to ECDC, following 3 historical attempts blocked by the Residents.  The contract was negotiated with "closed door sessions" and seriously mitigated attempts to inform the Citizens.  The Mayor got what HE wanted by the equivalent of a "slight of hand."  Our FR's need good information from dispatchers--which has failed after the outsource.  We are learning that the communication related to 911 calls is impacting all our FR's, both BFD and BPD.  But the Mayor doesn't want the "City to look bad..."  I propose that the Mayor over-rode the wishes of the Residents, and now does not want to be on the local news as having the same problems ECDC had prior to it's contract with Brentwood.  This is unacceptable, and puts our FR's at risk--also unacceptable. We have the BEST,  most professional FR's in the metro area. In light of the steamroller switch from local dispatchers to a glut call center, we don't know what ECDC will do next.  This is not acceptable governance nor administration.  See 40 South News for citizen's postings.  Brentwood residents are NOT STUPID--but are being treated by an imperious Mayor and Administration at the risk of safety, health and emergency needs.  respectfully,

 Maureen Wheat 

Jack Bock July 12, 2014 at 04:49 PM
I say ship the Mayor, and if I may select five of his aldermen to CLUB GITMO for a long vacation. This administration is like Washington, they claim they know what is best for the citizens. Next thing we know they will want to house the illegals who are crossing our Southwest Border as I write this comment.


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