Bierman Back On Brentwood Forest Board of Managers

Retains an attorney & initiated a suit against the housing board.

After his attorney filed a temporary restraining order on April 4 against the Board of Managers of the Brentwood Forest Condominium Association, Gary Bierman is back on the board of housing organization, although he will no longer serve as its president.

Joan Smith, who replaced Bierman following his removal from the board of the condominium association, will retain that title. However, the settlement will allow Bierman to complete his four-year term that concludes in mid-June of this year. 

Bierman was on January 16 for purportedly receiving “favored treatment and services” that were in violation of the board’s code of ethics. He contested the decision, the procedure of his removal and rallied for a vote by unit owners.

The board advertised that unit owners “be prepared to vote” about Bierman at a meeting February 27 at the association’s clubhouse. 

Then they withdrew their offer the night of the meeting.

Smith said that legal counsel, who she refused to identify, told the board that it acted within its bylaws when members ousted Bierman.

Unit owner and retired attorney Tom Brackman, who wrote the condominiums’ current declaration and bylaws and attended the meeting, disagreed vehemently with Smith.

As to Bierman, he is pleased with the recent turn of events and settlement.

 “We’ve agreed that I’m still on the board,” said Biermann during a telephone interview with Patch Friday afternoon. And who is “we?” “The other board members and myself,” Biermann said.

“We’ve agreed that I’m still on the board," he said. "At this time, all parties are in discussion about important issues."

 Clayton attorney Mark Goodman represented Bierman.

Recently, Brentwood aldermanic race to Patrick Toohey, who is also a resident of Brentwood Forest.


Doug Miner April 17, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Gary Bierman used legal means to get back on the Board of Managers of the Brentwood Forest–there's a determined guy.


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