Brentwood Ice Arena Refurbished, Repainted

The Brentwood Recreation Complex ice rink undergoes its annual closing for cleaning and repairs.

The  is closed for its annual off-season fixing-up, as the staff takes a breather to clean, fix and reassess.

Since 2001, the Brentwood Ice Arena at the Recreation Complex has closed from mid-April to mid-May to check cooling pipes and compressors, sharpen the 600 pairs of rental skates, recover bench covers, replace dead bulbs in the hockey scoreboard, and give the staff a time to catch up on paperwork and do some deep-cleaning.

The ice is melted and the pipes that contain the freon are inspected and repaired. After that, the sand base is raked level and saturated with water. Then, it's refrozen. A thin layer of ice is added to that, which is painted white, then about four more inches of ice are added slowly.

Rink manager Brad Barbeau said the rink will open for the summer schedule on May 31. He said the schedule will be on the arena's website about a week before the opening. Look for summer schools and camps as well as the open skate times.


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