Maplewood's Transformation is Subject of St. Louis Beacon Story

The resurgence of the city and Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is discussed in the piece.

When I moved to the St. Louis area in May 2010, I immediately fell in love with Maplewood. The downtown shops were unique (and busy!), the food was great and the neighborhood streets reminded me of home in southern Illinois.

To me, Maplewood has always felt like a strong, small community. It wasn't until I started talking to lifelong residents that I learned of Maplewood's tumultuous past.

That's why I really appreciate reading articles like the one posted on the St. Louis Beacon yesterday morning. Reporter Kristen Hare interviewed Maplewood families and city and school officials to learn how, and why, Maplewood has transformed so much in the past decade.

The article specifically examines why so many young adults have moved to Maplewood.

As one of those young adults—one who bought a Maplewood home a few months ago—it's very interesting to reflect on the community's past and witness the results of its transformation.

Lifelong residents and recent transplants: In the comments section, please tell us about your experiences in Maplewood. What do you like most? How much has the city and its residents changed since you've lived here?

And don't forget to read Hare's full article on the St. Louis Beacon.

Ryan Martin (Editor) October 26, 2011 at 06:42 PM
One note about Maplewood that I rarely see in stories: it's a very dog-friendly community. Each of my neighbors has at least one dog. I always see folks walking dogs down the sidewalk on Lyndover. We even have access to a dog park next to the Metro station. And for those of you who have 'liked' our Facebook page, you've seen a few pictures of my two dogs, Shelley and Molly. Don't worry — they also love Maplewood, mostly because they can chase squirrels in our yard all day.
Angel October 27, 2011 at 12:27 PM
Our family has kids in the MRH ECC, MRH Elementary School, and the MRH High School. The schools are great. It's neat to live in a small, close community where most everyone knows each other. And we have wonderful access to 64 and 44.
gwynn loomstein October 27, 2011 at 03:26 PM
Empire Supply Co. a 3rd Generation Company opened its doors in 1931. We are celebrating 80 years in business. Same location, YES in Maplewood.
Rebecca D. October 27, 2011 at 04:41 PM
I am a Maplewood resident and my son will start at the ECC next year. We are excited about the resurgence of the area and I appreciate Patch covering this story and providing a link to the Beacon's story. I hadn't seen it anywhere else before reading the Daily Patch e-mail this morning. Thanks!


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