Patch Picks: Five Ways to Make the Earth a Better Place

After Earth Day, these Patch Picks will help you keep the good karma going.

Sunday boasted perfect weather for Earth Day. People gathered all around St. Louis and surrounding cities to celebrate Mother Nature's gifts while raising awareness about how to preserve the environment.

This week, Patch brings you ideas for keeping the earth in good shape, right in your own neighborhood. Though seemingly small changes, they will make you feel good about yourself and your community.

Patch Picks: Five Ways to Make the Earth a Better Place

  • Bike to work — Ok, this idea might not be feasible if you work 20 miles or more from where you live, but if you work nearby? Give it a shot; especially with the recent nice weather. Need to fix up the bike before taking it out on the road? Head to or for expert help.
  • Recycle — It's easier than it seems. Brentwood and Maplewood offer free recycling services to their residents. Contact the or Earth Circle for Maplewood for more details.
  • Start a compost pile — Doing so puts more oxygen back into the air and keeps soil healthy, right in your backyard. Head to on Manchester Road to get gardening and composting advice.
  • Shop at your local farmers market — Food from nearby farms travel fewer miles. Buying from local farmers reduces food's contribution to pollution and your carbon footprint. The is open from 4-7 p.m. every Wednesday.
  • Switch from plastic to paper — Or bring your own bags. Most grocery stores, like , sell reusable bags you can bring in with you to carry groceries in from the car (or on your bike!).


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