2 Maplewood Businesses Collaborate on Coffee

A coffee roaster and a big coffee seller, blocks apart, decide to work together.

The 65-year-old Maplewood establishment, Tiffany’s Original Diner , is sprucing up its reputation and improving its coffee. The diner now sells fresh roasted, free-market coffee.

Barry Larson roasts and sells Art House Coffee as a fund-raiser for the Turner Center for the Arts, in Maplewood, a studio art space for children to adults, some of which have disabilities. Larson is the founder of Bridges, the parent organization of the art center.

Larson said he called Greg Winchell, the diner’s owner, to ask if he’d be interested in selling his coffee.

“They had been used to their coffee, but he confided in me, 'we need better coffee for our wonderful customers,'” Larson said.

Winchell said he sells lots of coffee, and obviously lots of suppliers would like to have his business.

“I said it’s for a social cause, and (Winchell) knew exactly the value of that for marketing and the value of that as being a good neighbor to the Turner Center, and just the neighborhood,” Larson said.

Winchell said the face of Maplewood has changed, and it’s important to network and work with the organizations and companies in Maplewood. He also said it’s much better coffee.

“A big part of it to me was, Barry is in the neighborhood,” Winchell said. “What he does, and what he represents is important for both the neighborhood and society as a whole.”

Sean, a Turner Center client, has become the spokesperson for Art House Coffee.

“Sean is a guy with a head injury, who has really been at the center of helping create this business,” Larson said.

“This suits him because he loves coffee, he loves to talk to people, he believes in the mission of it,” Larson said. “He knows his good work is helping to create more jobs for other people.”

If you go, pay attention to the art on the walls, it’s photography by S. Carmody Photography, from around the corner.

Coming soon to Tiffany's Diner: a liquor license.

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