Las Palmas, Advanced Automotive Behind on State Taxes, Testified at Revocation Hearing

Maplewood city council gave the two Maplewood businesses until Monday, July 2, to settle with the state.

Three Maplewood business owners received notices to be at a revocation hearing at Maplewood City Hall Tuesday night.

, the others were and .

The city had received notices from the state that the three businesses were behind in sales tax payments, and not in good standing with the state.

Owners of Las Palmas and Advanced Automotive were individually sworn in, and testified before the city council about their financial conditions and how they will take care of the state complaint.

Edwin Suarez, part owner of Las Palmas, was at the hearing with attorney Jane Hogan as his legal representative.

Suarez told the council he is current with all his vendors.

"I know we can work this out," Suarez said. "I'm hoping by Friday we can resolve everything and get a no sales tax due. Then we'll be good from there."

The council gave Suarez until the end of the day on Monday to show the city clerk proof he had paid his state sales taxes, if not, his business license will be revoked.

"The accountant wasn't filing the sales tax on time," Hogan said after the hearing.

She said they just found it out and are getting it resolved.

"In the mean time, under Missouri statute, if your sales tax taxes aren't paid they can revoke your license, but it's the discresion of the city as to whether they do, so they're giving us until Monday to get all the papers. We should have it resolved by Monday."

Dennis Yasinev, of Advanced Automotive, was also told he has until the end of the day Monday, July 2, to prove to the city that he's in good standing with the state, or his business license will be revoked.


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