Where to Find Your Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks have sprouted up all over Brentwood and Maplewood. Here's a roundup.

You can't have frost on the pumpkin without the pumpkin, so here's a few patches in Maplewood and Brentwood to find your perfect pumpkin, gourd, Indian corn or corn stalk. Several of these spots also sell pumpkins for pie making. Anyone ever do that? Any good recipes for pumpkin pie from scratch out there?

, in Maplewood, has sold pumpkins on its lot for three years. Employee Krystin Teague said they do it to extend their season, and the little kids really like it. "It's little for us, but it's big for them," she said. Teague said lots of neighbors walk there for their pumpkin. Mr. Wizard sells mini pumpkins for $1 up to extra large for $13. You can also find a variety of gourds. While you're there, try a Pumpkin Pie Concrete. You won't find that at any other pumpkin patch in town.

Centrally located has its pumpkins outside in front. If you're looking for a white pumpkin, they're $6.99 here. You can find a decent sized orange pumpkin for $3.99 and pie pumpkins for $1.79. They also carry Indian corn, gourds and straw bales.

The locally-owned Franklin Group Annuals, on Manchester, across from Schnucks, has a good deal on nice pumpkins. Twenty pounders go for $5 or 35 pound pumpkins go for $8. Pick up fall flowers such as mums and pansies here, too.

, in Brentwood Promenade Court sells medium-sized pumpkins for $3.49, Cinderella pumpkins for $6.99 and a variety of gourds and mini gourds. Pie pumpkins go for $1.99.

, in Maplewood, has its pumpkins inside in the produce department. It's $5.98 for a pumpkin or $3.98 for a gourd. Shop 'N Save's pie pumpkins go for 98 cents.

pumpkins go for $4.48 for a 15-18 pound pumpkin to $9.98 for a 30-32 pounder. Get pie pumpkins for $2.28 or corn stalks for $9.98. has pumpkins at $2.98 for small, $3.45 for medium and $7.60 for a 20-30 pound pumpkin. pumpkins go for $3.88.


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