Lola Van Ella Says Jumpin' Jupiter Paid "Most" of What Owed, No Mention of Libel

Patch asked Lola Van Ella for a response to the threat of a lawsuit by Jim Callahan, and she responded optimistically.

Jim Callahan, owner of the , had said he was going, when she made accusations that her company had not been paid.

Van Ella's company, Van Ella Productions, had produced and staffed the shows at Jumpin' Jupiter since its opening a year ago, before it cut its ties with the club.

At that point, Van Ella made a statement on her Facebook page, which is where she made the accusations.

Lola Van Ella, when asked for a response to Callahan's assertions, sent the following to Patch, via Facebook. She said they have received most of what was owed them, then looks to the future optimistically. She does not mention Callahan's threat.

"In regards to the Jumpin Jupiter, we have, at this point received most of the money owed to us, which we believe was a result of our decision to make a public statement of which we still stand behind. We have no affiliation with the Jumpin Jupiter and we have nothing to do with the shows that are currently being produced there. We are keeping to business as usual, which is very busy. This unfortunate circumstance has not slowed us down. We are producing, performing, rehearsing, traveling, and creating regularly. We have faith that this will all sort itself out very soon. We are very excited and ready to move forward, and are already doing so."


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