New In Clayton: Brazikat Steak and Seafood House

The newest steakhouse in Clayton wants to be your celebration destination.

A new steakhouse has opened in Clayton that carves the meat right onto your plate as you sit at the table. Read more about the new restaurant in the Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch.

Brazikat Brazilian Steak and Seafood isn’t your ordinary steakhouse. Sure, the meat is grilled to perfection over a mesquite wood fire and the portions are plentiful. But Brazikat doesn’t bother with hot plates to keep your steak warm—servers bring food out fresh from the grill and carve it right onto your plate.

Brazikat is known for its all-you-can-eat feasts of 12 different meats, from top sirloin and pork to chicken. Selections of meat are lightly seasoned and roasted over a fire on skewers, then delivered right to your table.

Read the complete article in the Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch.


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