Parking at Promenade, Whole Foods, Schucks and Others Measured, Compared

According to a professional lot striper, most Maplewood-Brentwood parking spots are under-sized.

A Patch article last week about an addition to the Brentwood Promenade, which would add retail space while reducing parking drew comments about crowded parking conditions.

Some unscientific research (a tape measure and a couple hours) showed that the Promenade does have some of the smallest parking spots in the area. It also has many average-sized spots.

A single data-taker with a tape measure on a windy day aren't ideal conditions for accuracy. The measurements below are in inches, give or take a half. Only parking spot widths were measured.

Brentwood Assistant City Administrator/Director of Planning & Development Ellen Rottjakob said parking stalls are measured from the center of each line, not from the inside edges, as was done initially. Measuring from inside to inside subtracts 4 inches from the true measurement.

The chart below has been amended to reflect that. Four inches were added to each number.

The selection was as random as possible, but only a very small sample of each lot was measured. When I'd find one far from the norm, I'd measure spots nearby.

I happened to run into a painting crew from Bob Otto Striping Services at Schnucks, and Bob Otto Jr. told me the standard width is nine feet, which is 108 inches. He said that's often fudged, depending on available space.

Disclaimers out of the way, I'll go out on a limb to say I found the parking lot with the biggest variations was the Promenade and the lot with the consistently largest spots was Walmart.

Rottjakob also said the proper way to make the measurement is to take the entire length of one parking row and then divide by the number of stalls to find the average width. For example, 109 feet with 12 stalls is 9 feet each.

Parking spot widths in area parking lots, measured in inches.

Aldi (Maplewood)


Best Buy (Brentwood) 105-107 Brentwood Rec. Center 106 Container Store (Brentwood Square) 108 Dierbergs (Brentwood Pointe)
107-110 Dobbs (Promenade) 107 Five Guys Burgers (Galleria) 107 Nordstrom (Galleria) 103-107 Schnucks (Brentwood) 107 PetSmart-Golf Galaxy (Promenade)
94-96 Shop n Save 106-107 St. Louis Bread Co. 107 Target (Promenade) 107-110 Trader Joe's (Promenade) 93-107 Walmart (Maplewood Commons) 113 Whole Foods (Brentwood Square) 107 World Market (Promenade) 105

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RDBet December 05, 2012 at 04:48 PM
The width of the Promenade parking spaces are fine, it is the width of the lanes to turn into the spots that are too narrow. Witnesseth the SUV people talking on cell phones attempting to turn into spots, it typically takes them at least two cuts at it, while other vehicles and cart pushers wait. Another factor is there isn't much room to push a shopping cart to one's vehicle. Hence, you have people with carts in the lanes having to play chicken with vehicles. People with kids along really have to watch it. The proliferation of drivers and pedestrians on cell phones does not help either. As I mentioned in the other thread, I don't think the retail/developers fret over this issue. They are aware that this busy-ness has a mass appeal to the competitive-shopper-types that are drawn to the challenge to fulfill their hunter-gatherer instincts.


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