Patch Picks: Five Ways To Gear Up for Football Season

It's that time of year again - are you ready?

With autumn comes change, whether it's going back to school or pulling out the rakes for falling leaves. In a lot of minds, the best change to come is the start of another epic football season.

The high school and college football seasons have already started, and the NFL season starts tonight. This week's Patch Picks bring you ways to gear up and get in the spirit to cheer on your favorite team.

Patch Picks: Five Ways to Gear Up for Football Season

  • Support your local team — Watch the Brentwood Eagles host Illinois' Wesclin team on Friday night, or follow Maplewood Richmond Heights as the team travels to Potosi for the Blue Devils' third game of the year. Patch will have photos from both games on Friday and Saturday.
  • Get outfitted — To support your local teams in style, head to www.spiritschoolapparel.com to stock up on T-shirts, sweatshirts and more, all with your favorite school's logo printed proudly across the front.
  • Stock up on beer and treats — Ok, so maybe it's not the healthiest diet, but the food and drink that go hand-in-hand with a great football game taste even better when you're excited about a big win. Good thing offers half-gallon growlers to-go for just $11, no matter what kind of beer you like. For the rest, head to or  (for the big parties) and get your favorite seven layer dip and chips.
  • Head to a sports bar — Sometimes it's more fun than staying home to watch the game. You can spend the time at your local favorite haunt with friends, family and random strangers and bond over the love for your team. Both Maplewood and Brentwood have several great sports bars to check out; just look through our Places section.
  • Get tickets now — Are you a big St. Louis Rams fan? If so, getting tickets now will save you time and the hassle of trying to find them later. Pick a date you have the time to go, then relax for the big day. Visit www.stubhub.com for ticket information.

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