Restaurant Review Round-Up: BBQ ASAP

See what local residents are saying about restaurants in Ballwin and Ellisville.

You can never have too much barbeque, so this week the Restaurant Review Round-Up is grabbing a bite at BBQ ASAP in Ballwin. 

BBQ ASAP prides itself on meats that are "always smoked absolutely perfect." The store offers dishes like ribs as well as sandwich options, such as barbecued beef brisket. For non-meat entrees, consider a grilled cheese served with American on Texas toast.

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying about BBQ ASAP. Have an opinion on the best barbeque in the area yourself? Add a review of your own right here on Patch.    

From Patch:

Angela gave it 4/5 stars and said: "The pulled pork is great! Great BBQ and sauce!"

Amy Mueller gave it 5/5 stars and said: "BBQ ASAP is the BEST barbeque in St. Louis. PERIOD! Take it from a Pig LOVER such as myself. Not only are the ribs AMAZING, their burnt ends sandwiches are THE BEST!"

From Yelp:

Jack H. gave it 4/5 stars and said: "Coming from family of grillers and BBQ'ers, I can't help but be skeptical any time I go into a BBQ restaurant. Especially one in a strip mall. I was quite impressed. The coleslaw was more vinegar-based than mayonnaisey. I thought the baked beans were great. The rest of my family loved their sandwiches (pulled pork, burnt ends, roast beef au jus)."

Jon T. gave it 4/5 stars and said: "The ribs were excellent, very tender, but not cooked to mush.  There was no evidence of braising or long oven finishing.  They were pleasantly smoky and moist and were finished with a light coating of sweet sauce.  I forgot to ask for them without sauce.  I really liked them but would have preferred dry rub with no sauce.  If they are rubbed, it is very light.  Still these were very good ribs, very purist, except for the addition of the sweet sauce."

Debra Pinson December 11, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Love, love, love BBQ ASAP!!! It's soooooo good. Deb
Bryanna Hampton December 11, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Thanks for your comment, Debra! It would be great if you could post your review on BBQ ASAP's directory listing: http://ballwin-ellisville.patch.com/listings/mr-harrys-carnival-foods-2 (I know the link is funky-looking, but it's the right one!)


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