Salon Owner Offers Five Hair Tips

Meggan Decker, owner of Pixies Hair Design, shares a few of her secrets.

You don't need to be a hair expert to have good-looking hair. Meggan Decker, owner of Pixies Hair Design, shared a few tips for making your hair stay beautiful between styles and cuts.

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Ditch the different-sized curling irons

You don’t need different sized curling irons to get those perfect curls. You can use your flatiron and just curl your hair in different directions and twist it around the iron in different ways. Then use your fingers to tease it out.

Good product is key

Invest in a good hair product. Everyone wants to save money, but find the product that you love. It will help you style your hair in flash with little effort. Decker recommends the texture master from Kevin Murphey.

Use the right hairspray for curls

Don’t douse your hair with sticky hairspray before going under the curling iron. You’ll get hard, crinkly curls. Instead use something like damage manager when using heat. It will help you keep the style without hurting your hair.

Don't over-shampoo

Everyone has this theory that you have to wash your hair every single day. But, really, shampooing your hair will dry it out. You can condition your hair, but if you want that lustrous look, you need the oils in your hair. Dry shampoos are wonderful for this. They absorb the smells and oils.

Use the right shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo, especially in the summer when people spend time in the pool. It cleans all those chemicals out of your hair.

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