Southwest Diner Reviewed: This Time by Feast

The reviewer found himself wanting a Southwest breakfast at lunchtime.

The reviewer from Feast Magazine was looking for breakfast, at lunchtime found himself at the Southwest Diner. He said he's fond of the breakfast burrito, and describes how to order it:

"...those in the know will ask for it served up “Christmas style,” resting atop opaque pools of smoky red and spicy green chile sauces that capture the soul of this unique and beautiful Southwestern state. Looking to go all out on this dish? Ask for it “enchilada style” as well to ensure the burrito is smothered in sauce and cheese - a gut buster of the highest order."

Read the complete review in Feast.

Also in Patch:






Josh September 12, 2012 at 12:38 PM
I love this place.


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