Where to Gobble Great Sandwiches in Maplewood-Brentwood

If you're craving a sandwich, here are the places you should visit.

If you've driven through Maplewood recently, you may have noticed a new addition to the Maplewood Commons area: Planet Sub. This sandwich chain is popular throughout the Midwest, with stores in Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and its founding state of Kansas. And while St. Louis boasts two Planet Sub locations downtown, this new spot in Maplewood is the first in St. Louis County. I stopped by the other day for a delicious Tijuana Taxi sub, and it was good. It made me think of all of the great sandwich shops Maplewood and Brentwood has to offer—and there are several! Let's talk sandwiches.

  • When Jimmy John's says they're freaky fast, they really mean it. This fantastic sandwich shop has locations in both and to satisfy your sandwich craving quickly; they'll have your sandwich ready before you can say "I'd like a huge chocolate chip cookie with my order, please!" You can't go wrong with the Club Lulu; it's my favorite, and with fresh sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and bacon, it's easy to see why. Hint: ask for extra bacon. You're welcome.

  • You may remember . Trust me; they have much more than that. Try one of the many delicious sandwiches Applegate's has to offer: Brentwood BLT, veggie, and chicken salad are just a few of Applegate's many offerings. Go ahead and pair your sandwich with the world-famous (okay, maybe just in St. Louis) Billy Goat Chips. They will change your life.

  • If fancy sandwiches are what you're after, swing by Nosh in Maplewood. Sink your teeth into the ham and brie sandwich, or try the Fried Egg BSRP (bacon, spinach, roasted red peppers). Try Nosh's Orchard Melt for a little taste of heaven. This baby is piled high with crisp organic apples, creamy Havarti cheese, and celery pesto on pumpkin seed and cranberry bread. Add a few slices of bacon (I think I'm sensing a pattern here) for a few bucks more. Your tastebuds will rejoice.

  • This cute shop in Brentwood is cozy, colorful and creative. Camille's offers the standard selection of sandwiches like ham and cheese or turkey. While delicious in their own right, the real stars of the show at Camille's are the paninis. There's something about grilled foccacia that makes everything better. Try the Veganini with grilled egglplant, feta, roasted red peppers, red onions and pesto-mayo. You won't even miss the meat.

  • This neighborhood shop sells more than just coffee. I fell in love with Foundation Grounds' Lacy Sandwich during my . Or try their aptly-named Funky Chicken Sandwich. With hormone free chicken breast, pesto, organic Parmesan, red onion and baby spinach, this sandwich is both delicious and environmentally friendly.

  • If you're feeling ambitious, or if you'd just like to save a few bucks, make your own sandwich. Gather everything you need at Schnucks in Brentwood. The deli carries a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments from none other than Boar's Head, the best of the best when it comes to deli meats.

So there you have it. Although a sandwich is quite simple in theory, the right combination of ingredients can bring a sandwich from meh to marvelous. Try these places out for yourself and let me know what you think. And if you decide to make your own sandwich, could you prepare one for me as well? 

Denise Lee February 08, 2011 at 09:56 PM
I love Camille's tuna salad sandwiches but the flat bread pizza is one of my favorites when I want something other than a sandwich.


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