Year in Review: Crestwood and Sunset Hills Business Closings 2012

Residents said goodbye to KFC, several Crestwood Court tenants, Johnny's Market, and Sappington Farmers' Market, among others.

Click through the business names for more details on closings:

  • Crestwood Court Sears
  • AMC Theater
  • Johnny's Market
  • Sappington Farmers' Market
  • Crestwood Court Artists
  • Barnes & Noble Crestwood
  • KFC
  • Two Hearts Banquet Center
  • Spanky’s in Concord Village
  • To the Pointe Studio of Dance
  • St. Louis Teachers' Recycle Center



Year in Review: New Business in Crestwood and Sunset Hills


Stephen D December 30, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Dang, fried chicken on the way out. Even the Colonel can't stop the tide. What about IMO's on Watson? And the black hole of Crestwood Court grows, even swallowing the Barnes and Noble. Don't worry, we're gonna have another dollar store coming soon. I figure the way Kohl's gets ripped off every week, they'll be gone soon too.


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