Chicken Coop / Tractors - Rabbit Hutches - Built To Last

$550.00 Move with atv/mower
$550.00 Move with atv/mower
New Huge Rabbit hutch $275.00 6 feet by 32 inches Built similar to the coops listed below but has plywood floor in hutch/coop area, hard wire cloth on floor in run so its easier on your bunny's feet.
Large drop down door for easy cleaning and feeding in coop. Large door to run
Our Brand New - Chicken Coops / Tractor's are Built to Last and Easy to clean and maintain.

Because this coop has wheels it is easy to move by hand, with an ATV or a garden tractor.

New coop is almost 6 feet tall, 4x4 wide with a 4x8 foot chicken run Built with Treated 2x4 Lumber and has heavy gauge chicken wire around the bottom. The run has a huge lift open door to gain access to the run. The coop has a new 2x2 sliding window with screen, 30 year metal roof with ridge vent, heavy duty hinges, locks and door latch, 25 year SmartGuard primed siding that is ready for painting. It is treated with LP SmartGuard(R) to resist termites and rot. The coop has a large rear clean out door for easy access, making cleaning a breeze. Plywood floor. 2x4 perch for comfort.

The coop has three nesting boxes but can be adjusted to four for an additional fee. There is an easy access door for retrieving those delicious eggs and keeping the nesting box clean for your happy chickens.

You will not be disappointed with this coop, it is built to last.
Not A Cheap Made In China Coop that comes in a box!

I also have the smaller coop for $350, it's the one with out the wheels.

My coops are built to last and sell fast the pictures may not be of actual coop but I build them pretty much the same so please let me know what coop you are interested in.
We do NOT use painted plywood or UNTREATED 2x2 lumber on the exterior!
We Only use Lifetime coated Deck Screws and Galvanized coated Nails! NOT Drywall Screws!
Built Mainly with 2x4 lumber- Not 2x2s
We use a plywood floor Not Chicken wire.

In addition I can build custom coops, duck house, rabbit hutches, feeders, sheds and decks,raised bed gardens, tree houses. You Name Ill Build It. I take pride in the work I complete.

If you are looking for a chicken coop that will make your girls happy and is easy to maintain you have found it.

Inside the coop there is also one 4 ft roost.
Options at additional costs:
Roof insulation
Water/food feeders
Wheels to turn this into a chicken tractor
Solar lights
Solar fans
Electrical outlets
Installation of any type of flooring in the coop: vinyl, tile, wood, plastic, ext.

We can also deliver and Accept Credit Cards and PayPal

Thanks for looking


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