Sir Limps A Lot About to Become Local Celebrity! Watch for him on Channel 2 News!

Paul Schankman with Fox 2 News to film Sir Limps A Lot on Thursday, the broken legged goose that I have been trying to catch and have been blogging about.

Paul Schankman, of Fox 2 News, did a segment on my beloved geese a month or so ago. It went national and both versions can be viewed on my website, www.doreneolson.com.

I spoke with him today and explained Sir Limps A Lot's predicament. He is very interested in trying to help, and is planning on coming to try to film another capture of the wily goose. 

Let's keep our webs crossed that the third time is the charm! This will be my second attempt at using the net gun, and hopefully I will catch a goose and not a tree this time.

The office park ladies and gentlemen who have been attempting to find help for and feed and care for Sir Limps A Lot for the past six weeks are very worried about his safety.  He tends to go napping in the parking lot off of the safety of his little grassy island with its tree, and cars have been observed to have narrowly missed him many times. 

Of particular concern are the inebriated patrons of a local restaurant nearby that stagger across the lot, but several of his supporters have admitted that they, themselves, have had close calls, and they know to be watching for him!

I am hoping that, if I fail at my third attempt at netting a wild, flighted goose, that we can at least raise some public awareness that there is a wounded animal in this parking lot. If he can survive car traffic until June, then he will go into full molt, loose his wing feathers, and be unable to fly away from me, and I will be able to catch him and get him vetted. I have several potential homes for him, if he is able to be rehabbed and returned to the wild.

There are many people who are donating time and money out of pocket to help this goose. I donated my first ever traffic ticket by sitting at a red light thinking about the net gun, then apparently deciding the light had turned green, when it hadn't. BOY! Was that traffic police officer who was sitting next to me angry with me!  I explained about what was on my mind but he gave me a ticket for $109.00 anyway (ouch). 

He did tell me, when he handed me back my driver's license, that he took pity on the goose and did not fine me for an expired license - my birthday was April 24th (along with millions of other people, but that is another story!) - he said that he could see that I was distracted.

So follow Sir Limps, and if any of you have deep and sympathetic pockets, call me and I will pass you on to the wonderful Good Samaritans who have gone to such lengths to help this goose. 

When I went out on Sunday with David, a woman came running at me shrieking: "Are you Dorene?!" She had been feeding Sir from a water bowl from her long deceased Doberman. Someone had taken it, so she went to PetsMart and bought Sir L. two new ones.

She was there re-filling one, as its water had been poured out, and feeding him cracked corn and unsalted almonds (for the record, corn is horrible for them in the heat and they do not eat almonds, but she proudly told of another care giver who is feeding Anjou Pears - they might eat those, as treats - but it is generally not advised to feed wild life. I did not say anything to her, as I did not want to hurt her feelings and because I so humbly admire and respect and appreciate all the love and care that she is pouring into this goose.)

Keep us on your radar screens, and wish us luck, I cannot wait until I have this bird safely in my arms and tuck him into the carrier that has been driving around in my car, with nets and the net gun, for what has begun to feel like an eternity.


WyndSong Border Collies and Canada Goose Management, LLC


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K May 10, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I just love these columns--I feel like I'm learning so much, and I'm very impressed with the dedication of these volunteers. Thanks, Patch!
Dorene Olson May 11, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Hi K Thank you for your feedback. I just posted a long blog about Sir Limps A Lot and his successful capture yesterday. My editor is out of town, but I doubt that will stop him from posting it in a timely manner - he has always picked up his phone on the first ring and a return email is always in my inbox within minutes of anything that I post him. So look for Sir's update, soon!


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