Update on Sir Limps A Lot-–A Day of Wild Goose Chases!

A Wild Goose Chase - Sir Limps A Lot has gotten away, but we are still trying. And more goose rescue news! Read on if you are not tired!

Well, today has been a rough day. 

I set my alarm for the crack of 8:30, and met the Good Saint Samaritans who have contacted me to try to help with Sir Limps A Lot, the parking lot goose at their place of work at 270 and Olive that they have been caring for and trying to find help for the last 6 weeks.  Wendi contacted me last Thursday, and I agreed to try to catch this goose with the broken leg, but without much hope, as, since his wings work, catching him is going to be very difficult.  He will go into molt in June, where he will be flightless, but with traffic hazards, that might be too late.

So, Wendi, his concerned office park friend, and a co-worker of hers and her husband, Rhonna and Jeff (Rhonna - I apologize - is your name that, or Rhonda?  In the heat of the goose moment - and the early hour - I may have gotten that wrong) and I made several valiant attempts with nets and towels to capture Sir Limps, but he eventually got tired of us and used his good wings to fly away across Olive and leave us frustrated and empty-handed in the parking lot.

I went back tonight to his food and water bowl area, but he was still pouting across Olive at the pond at St. John's Hospital.  We are hoping, since the parking lot island has been his pad for the last 6 weeks, that he will return.  But he keeps laying in the parking lot and slowly limping around and nearly getting hit by cars, so we are not giving up at all.

As I was driving home, it occurred to me that Nancy Schnell, co-founder of Geese Peace St. Louis, just spent her tax return buying a net gun (nearly $2,000) to catch hurt geese, and that I might borrow it.  Excitedly, I grabbed my cell phone and called Wendi while at a red light.  I noticed that of the three cars in the lanes that I shared, that the one next to me was a Creve Coeur police officer.  I was self conscious of talking on the phone, something that I normally do not do, but I was swept up in the rescue fervor of trying to help Sir Limps A Lot.  Suddenly, the policeman put his lights and sirens on and came screaming after me.

Apparently, I had decided that the light had turned green, or that I had waited long enough, and while on the phone, left the red light and continued on my journey.  The police officer was highly displeased with me - and DID NOT LIKE me getting out of my car to talk to him (is there a day in 2nd grade or somewhere that we are taught what to do when pulled over for the first time?  I was just trying to save him from having to walk over to my car ...) and he gave me a ticket for $109.00.  Ouch.  I have never gotten a ticket for anything before.  I guess if I am going to be busted by the law, it should be for the help of a goose.

The officer was very kind.  I turned 47 last Tuesday.  My driver's license expired then.  I had no clue.  He informed me that he was appreciative of what distraction my mind was in and did not write me a ticket for having an expired license.

Whew.  Thank heavens, I am running way below budget as it is ...

So, I met my friend with the net gun and took her to a chicken friend/hunter/gun dude friend in North County, and he worked on the gun with us, set it up, then taught each of us how to use it.  I now have it, and when Sir Limps A Lot comes home, I've got it aimed in his direction, and a crate full of cozy straw and a comfy towel are housed in the back of my car in anticipation of helping him to the vet.

While I was up North learning how to shoot net guns, I got a call from a distressed neighbour that he was travelling on Olive/Lindbergh and saw a goose - one of four adults and several goslings - get run over, and it could not walk to the verge.  Highly distressed, I asked him to call the police, which he did, who called me back, and the cliff note version of the story is that a couple - he from California, moved here last Spring, she from Michigan - they pulled over, caught the goose, and were told by the police that I was on my way down to get it. 

Since no one told me that, these saints sat at the side of the road for over an hour waiting for me, and when we finally connected, I gave them directions to the MO Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, and called ahead to let them know that they were on their way out.  I want to do something really special for these people.  I assumed that it was he that hit the goose, but he told me no, his girlfriend came on the line and explained that she used to work at a wild life rescue center in Michagan and that was how she was able to catch the goose. They are BOTH saints and I am so SO GRATEFUL that someone is concerned to help a goose.

Any ideas as to what I can do to thank them?  They needed directions to Ballwin via 141 - they are that new to the area - and yet they willingly took the time out of their day to help, I just think that they are rare miracles.

Soooo ... gotta go feed the dogs, medicate Lovey, the sick Puppy Mill chicken, take care of the new 24-hour-old baby chicks, put my big chickens to bed, feed the fish, put my rescue 24-year-old cat to bed, put all the parrots to bed, including the new little baby Parakeet that came into my rescue yesterday - he was brought inside by someone's cat in the cat's mouth - and search for ticks off David, who just got home from winning a 36-hour race in Indiana.

Dorene, hoping for sleep someday soon!

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Lynne Moeller and Meg Berry April 30, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Thanks for the update, Dorene. I was thinking about you yesterday morning and hoped you had caught SLAL. Bless you for trying :)
Janiece Senn April 30, 2012 at 02:10 PM
A few weeks ago driving to my daughters house at Leona and Loughborough by the park the was a parrot standing in the middle of the road. By the time I turned myself around to go try to catch it or at least get it over in the park it was gone. It was a beautiful parrot the kind with the yellow head and green body. If you hear of anyone missing a parrot it was seen at Carondelet park.
Dorene Olson April 30, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Thank you, guys! I will definitely keep you posted. Janiece, you might have post something on Craig's List, in case someone is still looking. You have given me a good idea about an article on finding lost pets. Thanks for commenting! Dorene


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