Great Escape: A Bubble Bath Away

Hand-crafted soaps and lotions from Maven will ease your body and mind.

There's nothing better at the end of a long day than indulging in a relaxing bath. Add bubbles and you've nearly got a vacation. 

When the kids have gone to sleep and you're ready to wind down, hand-made Bath Bombs ($12.50) from , the boutique bath and beauty store in Maplewood, will do the trick.

I've tried the Bath Bombs. They come six to a pack, my favorite so far being the Citrus Honeysuckle. Not only do they fizz delightedly in the water, they come in various "flavors" that soothe and moisten your skin.

I say flavors because nearly everything in the store looks and sounds edible. Take, for example, the Bubble Biscotti. Interesting choices include Basil Mint and Oatmeal, Milk and Honey ($3.50). The biscottis look like mini-bricks and have the same effect as the Bath Bombs.

The Berry Creme Brulee Palm Wax Candles ($7.50) sound irresistable, described on the website as a "sinfully sweet concoction of raspberries, strawberries and vanilla custard."

Other enticing products include Fizzy Bath Cupcakes ($8) and Foaming Sugar Scrub ($12). I'm particularly interested in the Coffee Sea Salt Body Polish ($18) made with beans from .

My only warning about Maven's treats is to hide your purchases; I know when I was a kid anything with the word "cupcake" on it would go directly in my mouth.


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