Bend Over Jefferson County Tax Payers

Debacle at the Jefferson County Council meeting.

Last night was like watching a scene from the news related to the fiscal cliff we are facing because of Obama's spending.  Now it is happening on a local level in Jefferson County thanks to our infamous chair of the council, Bob Boyer, councilman from the 3rd District, Terri Kreitler, councilwoman from the 5th District, Cliff Lane, councilman from the 6th District and Kelly Waymon, councilman from the 7th District. 

It all centered on the following bills on the Consent Agenda, Bill No. 12-1132, Bill No. 12-1135, Bill No. 12-1136 and finally Bill No. 12-1141.  These four bills dealt with future expenses in the Public Works Department (roads, maintenance, etc.) for the county.  The new public works director, Jason Jonas, was asking for $150,000 on bill No. 12-1132, $175,000 on bill No. 12-1136, $75,000 on bill No. 12-1136 and $400,000 on bill No. 12-1141.  Renee Reuter asked Mr. Jonas some very important questions about these bills such as, why when we spent only $16,000 last year on services for Ready Mix Concrete (related to bill No. 12-1135) was he asking for $175,000 this year?  His answer was that he was basing his numbers on 2009-2010.  I have to ask, why are we going backwards, why are we trying to spend more money in a time when Jefferson County along with most of the country no longer has any extra money to spend?  I laughed to myself when Kelly Waymon, District 7, asked Mr. Jonas if this would hurt the county. Of course Mr. Jonas said "yes", why wouldn't he, he wants the money.  Mr. Waymon, why didn't you ask yourself if this would hurt the taxpayers instead?  That's your job as a representative OF THE PEOPLE, you are not a representative for the county.

Renee Reuter then made a motion to remove these bills from the agenda for further consideration.  It was asked of Mr. Jonas three times if the county was under a time limit to get these funds and three times he answered "no."  When Renee Reuter made the first motion to remove bill Nos. 1132 and 1136 and Charlie Groeteke, District 4 seconded it, Bob Boyer, Terri Kreitler, Cliff Lane and Kelly Waymon voted against further consideration to reduce the amounts asked for and voted for a cost increase of 15 times more than what  Mr. Jonas originally asked for.  Councilwoman Reuter tried to reduce the amounts to $60,000 (well above the $16,000 spent last year), she was voted down by the same four council members.  Councilman Bickowski, Councilwoman Reuter and Councilman Groeteke also asked to remove bill No. 12-1141 for further consideration to try to reduce the amount Mr. Jonas wanted in the amount of $400,000 that we as taxpayers will have to pay for and again, the council members from Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7 voted their motion down.

Last night was a clear example of politics at it's best.  Bob Boyer, Terri Kreitler, Cliff Lane and Kelly Waymon had no concern about how it affected the taxpayers in Jefferson County.  They had one thing on their minds, if the council members from Districts 1, 2 and 4 wanted to do what's best for the county, they preferred to increase costs by 15 times in order to show the other side their power.  This is not advantageous to any of us that voted for these so called Conservative Republicans and one Libertarian who runs on being a huge advocate of being fiscally conservative.  I expect this type of spending from Cliff Lane, he is a Democrat, but not those council members who paraded around during their campaign with messages about how they would save the residents of the county from the bad guys that spend too much money.  As far as I'm concerned they are Democrats in Republican and Libertarian clothing.

I'm sure all four council members will say I don't have all my facts.  If you don't believe me, watch the video, it is all telling.

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Linda Van de Riet December 02, 2012 at 11:24 PM
I agree, PaulRevere, why hasn't anyone asked the important questions with the exception of myself? As you can see it won't be people like Marie Crowley who are more interested in continuing the party politics played by the Republican party than they are about the county and its residents. The Council Members from Districts 1, 2 and 4 are the only three on the Council that ask the hard questions and because of their nonallegiance to the party, Janet and George Engelebach worked hard to see that they were voted off the Council. Unfortunately, for the future, there will be no more hard questions asked by the 4th District Council person unless it involves Agenda 21, watering rights and water sheds. I doubt that you will be provided with an answer to your question ever because the Council Members from Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7 could care less about the wants and needs of the residents of Jefferson County. There are those of them that have no clue about how to read and understand a Bill. I have witnessed Kelly Waymon reading the Bills a half hour before the meeting. I for one am honored to support the Council people from Districts 1, 2 and 4. Unlike Marie Crowley, I know from experience how much work they've put into being members of the Council. She speaks not because of her concern for the County, but from total allegiance to Janet and George Engelbach. Too bad for her because of her party blindness and too bad for the future of Jeff. County.
Marie Crowley December 03, 2012 at 12:49 AM
I believe the answer was given on the video as to why the amount is needed. If it's all used for rock, then so be it. The budget limits the amount and that's final. The director will not use it all for rock or he won't have anywhere else to draw from for other materials. I have no party blindness, just keep seeing all of this ridiculous criticism go on and on and on and feel sorry for you, even perhaps sorry for those you live with. You are a very bitter woman.
Linda Van de Riet December 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
In other words, you hope that people will take the shaft and shut up about how its done, that is more like it and that has happened for many years in Jefferson County. That's why we don't have industry and employers don't look our way to build new businesses and when we loose big employers such as Chrysler, we have nothing to fall back on. I guess people's lives, paychecks and future are not important to you. You just want all of us that have a voice in the community and use it to hide under rocks. It makes it easier for our local representatives to stick it to us, after all it's just tax money. For your information, Mr. Jonas only requested a total of $75,000 and the wonderful Council Members from Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7 instead handed him an extra $100,000 of taxpayer money, how generous of them. Mrs. Crowley, if we're going to talk about families evidently you're in favor of sticking your own family with more debt and you don't care about how much your kids have to pay because our local representatives want to spend an extra $100,000 on whatever. We don't know what the extra $100,000 will be spent on since Mr. Jonas did not have to present details of projects, equipment, etc. You are the sad one who doesn't care about the future of your children or your grandchildren (that is if you have either). I happen to care about how much my children will owe because of party politics.
Linda Van de Riet December 03, 2012 at 06:40 PM
What I find quite interesting about Ms. Crowley's remarks is the fact that she is defending elected representatives that are responsible for the use of your money and my money and at the same time, she is blaming me for questioning how these same representatives are using the funds that we provide through taxes. Then, she is trying to demonize someone else because they are a resident of Jefferson County that has employed people in Jefferson County, payed taxes for owning a business in Jeff. County and given countless dollars to local charities. Why is she trying to hurt a business owner in a County that badly needs the tax dollars and charitable contributions especially during these days of less brought on by very bad decisions by our National and local elected representatives, the same people Ms. Crowley defends. Shame on you, Ms. Crowley, you sound like the Democrat that sits in the White House demonizing every small business owner. You can see how well this sort of demonization is working for our country that used to be a country of entrepreneurs and is now becoming a Socialist nation of people beholden to the government for their handouts. I look at those that scorn the successful people as envious, small minded and petty, with little ambition.
PaulRevere December 03, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Well, I have to side with Van de Riet. If the video says it was for Rocks, I would now ask---What are the Projects? If Jonas asked for $75,000, what Projects are needed for $100,000 more in ROCKS? I'm skeptical!!!! Ms Crowley should know that once the year ends, all Actual projects making up the $175,000 budget usage becomes fair game for Van De Reit. Either $175,000 is spent or $75,000 is spent. One of you will be certainly proven wrong. That's the beauty of Numbers. Numbers don't hide behind "rocks". To be continued!


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