Incomplete Ad by the Republicans Central Committee

Republican Central Committee Faux Pas

When parties run an ad for candidates in a community or county, it should be expected that all candidates be featured in that ad.  Unfortunately, that was not the case for the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee.  An ad they recently ran in the Current News Magazine published in Eureka which includes parts of Jefferson County and St. Louis County, failed to include all the Republican candidates running.  Three were left off the ad, Steve Farmer running for the Public Administrator's Office, Ken Horton running for County Treasurer and Robert Boyer running for County Assessor.  I have to ask, doesn't the Republican Party  support these candidates and why?  Why would you commit such a faux pas when these people are putting so much effort into these races?  Hours are spent walking door to door, shaking hands and trying desperately to get their message out.  Then, the Republican Central Committee comes along and commits such a tragedy.  Ads are so important to the candidate and the party.  It is evident that this importance is not felt by the Republican Central Committee.

In the 2010 races, I was responsible for placing this ad in the Current.  I did not miss any candidates because I knew these people are putting their hearts into every race.  Before the ad was placed in the paper, I made sure the entire Central Committee reviewed it.  I have spoken to members of this Committee and have been told, they knew nothing about the ad.  Why aren't all the members of the Republican Central Committee consulted about the contents of these ads?

My final comments on this blog are about Bill Alter, the Central Committeeman for Rock Township.  I went to him last evening and asked for an explanation about this grievous error.  His response to me was to "get away from him".  He also explained in between his rudeness that some of the candidates did not answer their emails.  This is unacceptable to me! If the person doesn't answer an email, call them.  I believe most people have phones.  Mr. Alter is a great representative for the Republican Central Committee that is, if you believe your representatives should be rude, disrespectful and lack common courtesy. 

In my opinion, the Republican Central Committee has lost touch with most people in the County.  The leadership is antiquated and is party driven.  The games that are played by these leaders during elections to prevent good candidates from being voted into offices is unconscionable.  These leaders and the people they surround themselves with should be ashamed for the many good people they have disenfranchised from being involved in the political process.  If you contact Janet Engelbach, the Chair of the Republican Central Committee, she will most certainly explain that she knew nothing about the ad as she did when we contacted her last evening.  How can you be Chair and have no knowledge about such an important responsibility?  

It is time for new leadership in the Republican Party in Jefferson County and in the Republican Central Committee!

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Cheri October 29, 2012 at 05:33 PM
I was at this celebration meeting in which Ms. Van de Riet is referencing, and I witnessed her inappropriate outburst. Shame on you, Ms. Van de Riet for not telling all about YOUR poor behavior. Ms. Van de Riet FAILS to mention that she told Senator Alter to, and I quote, "Kiss my a**!" No wonder he told her to go away. What an embarrassment to anyone there, or anyone who is supporting Renee Reuter, as Ms. Van de Riet was proudly wearing a Reuter campaign t-shirt. An embarrassment to many republicans, I'm sure!
Matt Hay October 31, 2012 at 12:52 PM
You must keep in mind that many of these individuals on the Central Committee are already currently part of a State Ethics Investigation, which may or may not ultimately lead to criminal charges for money laundering, criminal conspiracy, and other offenses. The Central Committee seems to be led by a particular faction which you had previously supported. Seems you are now somewhat seeing the light. It seems that the expense of these ads were not approved by the body of the committee as a whole in violation of the committee bylaws which require a vote of the body for expenditure/reimbursement, and there are quite a few members that feel exactly as you do Linda. In fact, I can tell you that the e-mails that were supposedly sent to Assessor Candidate Robert Boyer ended up in Councilman Bob Boyer's e-mail Inbox. The Engelbach's are the subject of an Ethics Investigation which has bled over to the Central Committee and chased off Republican supporters in the County. Janet and George Bob both need to resign their posts for the good of the party, as it is apparent that they cannot follow the State Law, Committee bylaws, or even some modicum of common sense.
Linda Van de Riet October 31, 2012 at 04:27 PM
@Cheri - SHAME ON YOU for supporting a group of Committee members that took an oath to uphold EVERY candidate, not just the ones they like or agree with. If they did not want to do "their job", they shouldn't have run for office. You need to get YOUR facts straight when you blog. First of all, I walked up to Bill Alter and asked for an explanation as to why they did not include all the candidates. Immediately, he told me to "go away". Were you at the table? I'll answer that for you, no, you were not. So how would you know what transpired? Evidently, you're a friend of Bill Alter - that's too bad that you don't have a better ability in picking good friends. The way it sounds, you're not interested in standing up for the rights of the people of Jefferson County and the candidates that are trying to help the county. You only think of your friend who was rude and boorish to say the least. He as a representative who just received a check from Mrs. Wagner for representing the Republican party really didn't represent the Republican party and insulted a Jefferson County taxpayer on top of it. Oh, and by the way, yes, I am proud to represent Council Member Reuter, she's a good person that would never insult residents like Bill Alter did. Cheri, in your opinion, it's okay for him to insult me, but not for me to defend myself. Again SHAME ON YOU for being one sided and yes, just in case you're wondering, I would and will stand up again to point out the injustices.
Linda Van de Riet October 31, 2012 at 04:57 PM
@Matt - Yes, I agree with you on the games the Engelbachs have played. None of you ever asked me how I felt about anything so you took that as acceptance of everything they do. WRONG!!!! What I fought against at the caucus was a bunch of people ramming what they wanted down our throats. I didn't and still don't agree with that, however, I am also opposed to the many actions taken by most of the Central Committee members. I was aware that Janet and her minions voted in favor of transferring the money into a PAC they set up prior to the new committee members taking office. I am also fully aware of the ethics violations committed by Janet and George and am in full agreement that they be prosecuted if they are found guilty. In fact, because of my opposition to how the money was being handled, I was not invited to a meeting that was held at a Hardees in August so my Township was not represented in the vote. This is typical backroom politics played by Janet. She's experienced at it after all, she is a lobbyist. I also agree that it is time for new Republican leadership in the county but, I do not want us to jump from the fire into the frying pan. There are people that have leadership qualities and others that believe they have those same qualities, but fall far short. I will not sit by quietly while another power hungry group steps in. Make no mistake, I am interested in what is best for the people in the county, not for a particular party or group.


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