The Answer-Non Answer from Bill Alter

Bill Alter's reply to me, Linda Van de Riet, the annoyance.

Below is an email that was forwarded to me regarding a supposed reply from Bill Alter, Rock Township Central Committeeman, to an altercation we had at a "get out the vote" event spearheaded by Ann Wagner.  Unfortunately, it was a not a reply to me, it was a reply addressed to Janet Engelbach.  I find that amusing because I have yet to receive a reply from anyone on the Central Committee.  I guess he felt he would get sympathy and support from Mrs. Engelbach. 

After you've had an opportunity to read Bill Alter's email, I will address each and every point, he makes.

"Subject: Response to Linda Van de Reit

Recently, an article appeared in an obscure blog, called the Fenton-High Ridge Patch which accused me, Bill Alter, of being rude to a woman at a recent political
gathering. As you might assume there is always another side to the story. I
thought the unfortunate incident was over but Linda Van de Reit must want to
keep it alive. Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to read nasty, hurtful,
and insulting emails Linda has written to and about fellow Republicans she has
issues with. Sniping at those who have been in the trenches for many, many
years, waiting for reinforcements to arrive, accomplishes nothing. A complete
recounting of this event is lengthly and you may not want to spend the time
reading it, but telling my side of the story is somewhat satisfying for me. You
should probably read the blog post first, then you’ll have both accounts so you
can decide if she was treated unjustifiably. http://fenton-highridge.patch.com/blog_posts/incomplete-ad-by-the-republicans-central-committee

At the eleventh hour I was contacted and asked to go to the Oct. 24 High Ridge
Republican rally and receive a check from longtime friend, Ann Wagner,
candidate for U.S. Congress, on behalf of the Jefferson County Central
Committee. Ann brought about a half dozen local candidates on stage, presented
each with a check and then called me up from the audience to present me with a
check for the Central Committee. We all returned to our seats and Ann continued
rallying the audience with words of encouragement.  As Ann was finishing up and about to leave the stage, a woman stood up with a newspaper in her hand, directing her comments toward the stage, she demanded an explanation as to why several candidates were left out of a Republican political ad. I was
embarrassed for Ann having to witness this conduct after having come to
Jefferson County to give us a check when she did’t have to. She certainly
didn’t know what the woman was talking about. The loud woman continued her rant and soon turned her attention to me as a representative of the Central
Committee stating that she was going to demand an explanation from me. I
dropped my head in my hands and said to myself, “Oh no”. I wasn’t sure what to
expect but by that time I had a good idea.

After a few minutes this woman. still unknown to me, showed up at my table, slammed down her newspaper and demanded answers from me. I said to her sternly; “ this is not the time or the place to be calling me or anyone else out for public embarrassment.” She replied: “I’ll call you out anytime I damn well please!”  I said, “then, go away”. At this point I considered our conversation over. I had given her the opportunity to realize she was behaving poorly and to change her demeanor in the hope that I could have a civil conversation with her.  She continued her offensive conduct while demanding an answer from me. Several times I told her to “go away”. She was getting so loud I decided to tell her what I had been told about those who were left out of the ad in hopes she would then go away. She did not accept my answer implying that I was lying to her, and she knew that those left out had not been contacted and were left out on purpose. I once again told her to “Go away”. She continued her aggressive badgering of me to which I would respond; “Go away”.   Finally this nice woman said to me “you can kiss my butt” to which I replied, “get lost”. (Shame on me). A second time she said “kiss my butt”. Finally she did go away."

Nearby tables knew there was a verbal altercation so I asked, “Who is that woman who just told me to “kiss her butt”. A man replied, “Oh that’s Linda Van de Riet, she’s like that.”    I think there are more people than just me who would prefer that she go away. Linda says she’s not always a republican. I wonder which Linda she was on this day?"


Now, for my explanation!  Mr. Alter if this blog is obscure as you indicate, you wouldn't have bothered to write such an extensive explanation to the leader of the Jeffco Republican party.  You would have ignored it.  After all, you seem to be pretty sure of your power and position when you are being rude to Jefferson County residents.

You mentioned in your reply that I snipe at Republicans when I disagree with them.  Sniping seems to be a word that some people use when the truth is pointed out.  So I guess I'm sniping when I point out the fact that the Republican Central Committee purposely left three candidates off the ads in both the Current and the Leader.  I know this because after your daughter, Angela Wren, and Bruce Valle failed to include Steve Farmer, Ken Horton and Robert Boyer in the ad in the Current, it was requested that they correct the ad for the Leader (they had three or four days to correct it) and they refused.  Let's add more examples of your opinion of "sniping".   Before the ad was placed in the Current and the Leader, the entire Republican Central Committee was not informed and no samples of the ad were sent out to all members of the Committee.  This did not happen in 2010 when I put the ad together for the Current for the Council Members running for the County Council.  I did not use the excuse that I sent an email to the candidates and they did not respond as was done by some members of this Central Committee that placed the ad.  I find the excuses unacceptable and they could have greatly effected all of the candidate's campaigns.

Let me reiterate what I said at the event.  The Republican Central Committee members are elected to represent ALL Republican candidates, not just those they agree with or like.  Those members of the Jeffco Republican Central Committee that knew about this grievous act should not be re-elected.  They took an oath to represent all Repulican candidates and if they can't do that, step down.

As far Ann Wagner is concerned, I'm not sorry she was witness to what I had to say.  She and the rest of the Republican leaders should know what is occurring in Jeffco.  People are tired of the games of both Democrats and Republicans.  That is apparent with the results of the election both nationally, and state and county wide.  If it continues, there will be repercussions against more of our candidates.

Lastly, I am aware that you and others would wish I would go away.  Usually, that occurs in the political world when elected officials or people in the public eye, have something to hide.  It is very frustrating when you cannot get away with the games, back door deals and agreements that you've been able to for many years without this annoyance pointing them out.  As far as who I am, I'm Linda Van de Riet, a resident that is tired of seeing our Republican leadership refuse to support ALL candidates, a resident that is tired of experiencing the double talk, the lies, the backstabbing, the "if you'll pat my back, I'll pat your back" mentality, I'm tired of our leaders shutting us down because they disagree with us, I'm tired of meetings being held without all committee members present, I'm tired of a select few that have been chosen by our supposed leadership representing the entire party.  I could go on, but I'll save it for another day.

Let me say that I feel so bad for the people of Jefferson County, myself included, that's why I will continue to tell the truth and I owe no one anything and I don't make bargains but, don't worry, it's only an obscure blog.  No one even reads it.


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lINDA SCHROEDER November 13, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Thank You Linda for speaking up for the people that do not have the courage. I received a lovely Thank You letter from one of those left out candidates . He quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. " We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools" I wanted to also add a King quote. "Stand up for truth and righteousness and GOD WILL ALWAYS BE AT YOUR SIDE. I believe Mrs. Van De Riet did just that. I also called this in to the state of to try to get them to change this add, with no help from them. SO MAYBE these folks will wake up before it is just to late. I am glad that Mrs. Wagner was there, because how can she fix a problem if we all sit there with zipped lips?
Marie Crowley December 02, 2012 at 07:02 PM
aaaah, the sod farm queen is here. How was your little Santa fundraiser yesterday? Linda v d Riet has quite a take with her opinions that she knows absolutely nothing about......Keep reading her stuff folks and you will realize what depths she goes to keep her vile mind going. I say, read something that is uplifting, not her garbage. See you in the funny papers, kid.
Watching You December 02, 2012 at 09:37 PM
This is a prime example of what is going on in your party, yes Ms. Crowley the Christmas with Santa was a great fundraiser yesterday. I let people judge me for who I am. We where out trying to make Jefferson County a better place. The people that came to the fund raiser, also care about this community. I think it will be plain to see the only thing you have going for yourself is calling people names. People will see the queen must be you. I guess if I wanted to be nasty we could call you Janet's Queen BEE. Your rudeness does nothing for this community, just makes you look like a jealous old fool....., We are planning another fund raiser in February. I think the last election speaks loud and clear. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. M.L.D. Jr. yes and for the record we invited both Republicans and Democrats to the Breakfast with Santa. There are many of us in Jefferson County that believe it is not what letter you have in front of your name, but the job you do for your community. I want to see a leader represent all voices and not just a few puppets on a string. Their are many of us that have respect for Linda V.d. Riet. she knows her politics, and yes I did donate to the winners in Jefferson County both party's . My believe is this the Republicans need to work a little harder getting GOOD folks in place, that ARE WILLING TO WORK ACROSS PARTY LINES.
Linda Van de Riet December 02, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Ms. Crowley, our Breakfast with Santa was great just like the last election. Most of the candidates the PAC supported won. Can you as a member of Bill Alter's group say the same thing? As far as my opinions are concerned, I should know all about them, they are my opinions that tell the truth about the corruptness of our leadership in the Republican party in Jefferson County. We intend to make changes in this County and rid ourselves of the old Republican leaders in the process. We are patient people and we have a mission. I for one am sick and tired of the old standard of being pushed aside because people like Janet Engelbach and Bill Alter think they are the only ones that can make a difference all the while they are playing games behind closed doors. As I recall, last year's Christmas party put together by the Republican Central Committee and Republican Party had to be cancelled for lack of interest. That is not an indication of a party that is growing or moving ahead. The Republican party is dying under Engelbach's leadership because she is not a leader with a plan for the future. The people of Jefferson County are tired of the same old mentality of go along to get along. We want a party that has leadership with vigar, that is inclusive of everyone that has new ideas, we want to be rid of the games where party leaders eat their own. If you don't agree, that's up to you, it is your own choice to remain with the party of old.


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