Falling Apart

Fall is NOT my favorite season!

Fall is NOT my favorite season! I call this time of year, "Falling Apart". Examples abound: the forty degree drop in temperature yesterday over a span of three hours, the transformer which blew up on Wise Avenue, my car's side-view mirror scraped off in the driveway while backing up, the kitchen ceiling tiles at a friend's house which collapsed. None of the mishaps are ever MAJOR, like death or divorce. For example, on my dark, early morning walk for coffee, two street lights blinked off. Later that day, the 25 watt stove bulb (just replaced fresh six weeks ago) burned out.

My Iranian friend says that Fall is his favorite season. He calls it "the season for poets". Nostalgia, deja vu, sweet endings, unrequited love are all invoked in Iranian poetry. He is compiling a reading list for me to prove his point.

My list of dislikes includes constant political ads; the damp-cold weather; raking up legions of leaves; and lowered tire pressure (because of the changes in weather). For me, Spring is the favorite season: new beginnings; lush, new growth and gardening; animal births and babies; warmer weather. I will tolerate "falling apart" to get to my favorite season.

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LeeAnn Tapscott October 28, 2012 at 07:14 PM
An Autumn reprimand is order for you. New focus: "Wabi Sabi." Does not have simplistic translation, but for the sake of space-is a description of a different wisdom. Autumn is a season of imperfection, of aging beauty, and reflective wisdom. Honoring the natural, and solitary in our life, setting aside the pretension and naive constraints of the youthful seasons- Spring and early Summer. Autumn inspires and reflects the beauty of wisdom. A repose of three meloncholy thoughts: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. It's a banner of our solitary wisdom and all it's glorious imperfections. That means dust, cobwebs, and an occasional un-made bed. Reading a morning paper soaked by the rain, and sipping on a cup of coffee in a weathered cracked mug. I hope you find it in your heart to learn the art of Autumn Wabi Sabi style.
Chrys Kramer October 31, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I have to agree, I hate fall as well. Not the cooler temps, but the fact it reminds me winter is coming our way, and that makes me incredibly sad. The only thing worse than fall for me is winter. I am sad now just writing this. I suppose I should move somewhere that has a longer spring/summer.


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