Brentwood Middle Recognized for Character Education

Two of the school's character education programs were recognized by the Character Education Partnership.

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Today, school is about more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. We at (BMS) also believe that educating the character of a student is very valuable.  At Brentwood Middle, character education is not just something we “do” in isolated bursts. Character education is woven into every child’s day and throughout all classes. 

The Character Education Partnership (CEP) recently recognized BMS for two outstanding activities as promising practices: non-negotiables and P.I.T. Crew.  The CEP believes that these two activities show BMS’s character education efforts are paying off.


Walk into any business in Brentwood and ask an employee if he/she knows his/her job requirements. Any employee should be able to rattle off a list. Here at BMS, we believe that students and staff should adhere to a list of expectations, too, and this is the purpose for our non-negotiables.

This is a list of 12 items that staff members and students have unanimously agreed to uphold—no questions asked—as part of their professional obligation. Such things include wearing IDs at all times, watching your words, showing respect, and being on time and prepared for class. This list has helped to clearly define many aspects of school protocol and eliminates any gray areas. 

P.I.T. Crew

If you have a child at either or , you probably have heard of the PTO. At Brentwood Middle, we have P.I.T. Crew, which is the Parent Involvement Team.

This group of parents and community volunteers help get the Brentwood Middle community involved in school activities. Parent and community involvement is key to our success at BMS because many activities would not happen without their assistance. Thanks to their efforts, middle school students have additional funds to use towards field trips, family gatherings, and guest speakers.

Additionally, the P.I.T. Crew meets every month for Coffee Talks during the school day. During these talks, administration and the P.I.T. Crew discuss school events, share important information, and plan for activities and fundraisers. If you are a member of the Brentwood community and you would like to get involved, please contact the middle school office at 314-962-8238.

At BMS, we achieve excellence in all we do and say. This is what we expect from each of our students and staff. The P.I.T. Crew and non-negotiables are two key practices that help us along our journey to excellence. Congratulations to the students and staff of Brentwood Middle for pioneering these two practices. Keep up the great work!


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