Defunding Horse Slaughter!

The Agriculture Appropriations Conference will be taking place sometime before the end of the year.  Sen Blunt is a member of this committee, and this is our chance to urge him to keep the defunding in the budget this time!  

We dont want our tax dollars to fund USDA inspections for foreign profit

We dont want adulterated meat to enter ANY food supply chain

80% of We The People oppose horse slaughter

Link to Vickery Eckhoff's article in Forbes explaining how 3 members of Congress are responsible for sneaking in the funding for equine slaughter inspections:http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2011/12/21/how-many-congressmen-does-it-take-to-screw-a-horse/

Link to Dr. Dodman's Food & chemical toxicology: http://wp.me/p3APZ7-9K

Link to Dr. Friedlander's Expert Opinion why horse slaughter should NOT resume in US: http://wp.me/p3APZ7-9B

Link to Dr. Champney's paper using the meat industries own arguments not to allow equine slaughter: http://wp.me/p3APZ7-be


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