"Meat" Me in St. Louis

My month-long vegan challenge is over. Here's where I plan to celebrate.

It's finally April, which means I'm done with the I did for the month of March. And while the challenge was certainly interesting (and I learned a lot!) I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to consuming meat, eggs and dairy again. Here are some of the businesses in Maplewood and Brentwood that I've missed the most. I can't wait to sink my teeth into some of the delicious eats these places have to offer. Actually, I may or may not be drooling right now.

Oh, OB Clark's. You have absolutely nothing on your menu that is vegan, and you make no apologies for it. In a way, I sort of respect that; you're a sports bar, not a frou-frou vegan paradise. I love your greasy bar food, and with offerings like potato skins, toasted ravioli and chicken wings, there's plenty of things available to satisfy this meat-lover.

Spring is in the air. Well, it is if you ignore the recent snow we've had here in St. Louis. This Maplewood mainstay has been in the area for more than 20 years, and it's making no plans on leaving anytime soon. Enjoy delicious custard creations like banana fudge, black forest, rocky road, or my favorite: the Smores Sundae. This treat is a dairy-filled blend of marshmallow, chocolate syrup and graham crackers.

Kakao Chocolate is the new kid on the block in Maplewood, and they've made their entrance in a big way with their selection of barks, bars, truffles and other confections. Kakao uses fresh cream and real butter in their chocolates, and you can taste it in every indulgent bite. Want a real treat? Try Kakao's velvety smooth hot chocolate. It'll warm you both inside and out.

I pass by the Kolache Factory in Brentwood just about every day. And for an entire month, I've craved the warm balls of dough stuffed with fillings like buffalo chicken, egg and cheese, and chocolate cream cheese. Whether you're craving a light breakfast or a heartier lunch, the Kolache Factory has you covered with dozens of different kolaches baked fresh daily. Be sure to ask about their Kolache of the Month. This month, it's Ranchero Chicken. Yum!

Located on the corner of Big Bend Boulevard and Shrewsbury Road, this Maplewood eatery has been serving freshly fried chicken for 30 years and counting. Of course, you could try their variety of catfish, shrimp and even cod, but when you visit Porter's Fried Chicken, you must try the chicken. Porter's chicken has a flavorful and crispy crust that yields to the juiciest chicken you will ever taste. Order a bucket of it with a side of mashed potatoes and corn fritters. You can thank me later.

Just kidding. Despite what the tagline says, White Castle is not what I crave.

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