Moms Talk Q&A: What Shocks You as a Parent?

And how do you address the situation with your children?

Today is far different from the good ol' days and parents must address new family issues each day, whether it's modern technologies, new lifestyles or something different. What has shocked you as a parent? Do your children do or say anything that makes you feel like kids today are very different from your days as a child? How do you handle these situations?

Please jump in and offer your thoughts in the comments box below. Our Moms Council members will share their stories too.

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Susan Stone April 13, 2011 at 06:40 PM
Luckily for me my kids are still to young to come home with many negative shocking moments. I am more shocked with the knowledge they have at this age then I had at the same or to be honest even now. My 3 year old seems to know how to use my smart phone better then I do. When she gets a hold of it either she has found the kids you tube app. and is watching something from Sesame Street or she has downloaded a new game to play...remember she is only 3. Now my seven year old blows my mind away with the knowledge she knows. I seem to be the last person to help her with any math homework because I am getting it wrong and she is correcting me. Yes, I admit it, if there was a tv show called, "Are you smarter then a first grader" I would lose every time in the the math category. So for now, yes my kids shock me everyday but in a positive way not negative....so far.
Denise Lee April 13, 2011 at 10:22 PM
I work with kids in my business and as a volunteer, so I meet a lot of kids and their families. I think what shocks me are the extremes of parenting: the checked-out parent versus the controlling parent. The checked-out parent is completely oblivious to what is going on in her child's life. She claims that giving her child complete independence at an early age is educational; however, her behavior indicates that granting independence serves her needs to live an unencumbered life more than a parenting philosophy. The rules of the home are minimal - if any- and there is absolutely no mentoring. The children of checked-out parents are emotionally needy. Because there is no mentoring, the choices the children make are not always in their best interest. Once choices are made, it's difficult for these children to implement them because they just do not know how. On the other hand the controlling parent provides no opportunity for his children to make choices or to even be kids. The controlling parent chooses all of the extra-curricular activities regardless of the child's interest because the "parent knows better than the child." The controlling parent requires the children's rooms to be perfectly neat and the only acceptable grad is an A. The children of controlling parents have a lot of self-doubt. These children also have a hard time making decisions because they haven't had the opportunity to do so. Sadly, both of these parents have no idea how they affect their kids.
Katrina Sommer April 14, 2011 at 01:13 PM
Just this past weekend while my husband and I were making breakfast our 10 month old son, Jack, was playing in the bathroom with our dog, Della. This is not an unusual occurrence in our house as Jack and Della are the best of friends and the bathroom, although it may seem like an unlikely hangout, is close to Della's water bowl and has plenty of cupboard doors for Jack to open and close not to mention it's right next to the kitchen which allows for easy surveillance while preparing meals. This particular morning I painstakingly diced up three different types of fresh fruit, egg and cheese frittata, and whole wheat bread for Jack's breakfast; a breakfast, I might add, Jack had no interest in eating. He wiggled and squirmed until, afraid he might harm himself, I allowed him to be excused from the table. Not surprisingly he headed straight for the bathroom where Della eagerly greeted him (and the ever present crumbs on his hands, face, and clothes). Their excitement quickly died down and then it was quiet - too quiet. Low and behold as Della was eating Jack's breakfast off of him, Jack was eating the remnants of Della's breakfast off of the bathroom floor (this is wrong on so many levels)! Shocked I immediately scolded him and took away the dog food (okay I may have snapped a picture first to use against him when he's an unruly teenager) and now we have a strict policy were Della now eats behind closed doors - alone.
TP April 14, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Whether you're a parent or not, life is just shocking. * It shocks me that the little blobs of joy I carried home from the hospital became such complex thinkers and independent little people overnight. * It shocks me when adults would rather sit on the sidelines and critique those trying to make a difference than put a little skin in the game and lend a hand. * It shocks me every time I read an article about a parent who betrayed the sacred trust of parenthood and harmed a child. * It shocks me more when I read a similar article and realize that although still saddened, I am less shocked than the last time. * It shocks me that society has taught our children to be so blasse about sex, their bodies and how to respect themselves and others. * It shocks me when I try to buy clothes for my 5 year old daughter that cover what should be covered on a little girls versus showing what whould be hanging out for a hooker on a street corner. * It shocks me when I hear my mother's voice come out of my mouth. Parenthood, like life, is just shocking.


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