On Facebook, Find Your Favorite Maplewood Brentwood Business

Several Maplewood and Brentwood organizations are on Facebook. Are you fans?

Sure, you're probably following Kakao Chocolate on Facebook (after all, the Maplewood business was nominated for a ), but did you know that several other organizations and businesses have pages as well?

Boogaloo shares updates about live music and drink specials. Flying Tiger Motorcycles posts behind-the-scenes photos of motorcycles. Saint Louis Cellars writes a lot about, what else, wine!

These Facebook pages foster relationships between community members and business leaders. You're able to learn more about the people running these Maplewood and Brentwood institutions.

Do you want to see if your favorite Maplewood-Brentwood business or organization is on Facebook? They're all listed on Patch's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MaplewoodBrentwoodPatch.

On the lefthand side of the page, click "See all" next to "Likes."

Closing in on 500 Facebook friends...

Thank you to the 29 people who 'Liked' us on Facebook this week! Last Friday, we had 464 fans on the page. We're now above 490.

We're so close to 500 and could use your help. If you haven't 'Liked' our page yet, please visit www.facebook.com/MaplewoodBrentwoodPatch. Already a fan? Then please help spread the word!


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