Would You Support Food Trucks in Maplewood?

Patch users shared their opinions on our Facebook page. What's yours?

After the Maplewood Planning and Zoning Commission to operate in the city, Patch users took to Facebook to show their support and dissatisfaction with the idea.

Some users, like Stefano Sommer and Pat Wilken Maloney, said they were afraid that food trucks would harm the existing brick-and-mortar restaurants that populate downtown Maplewood.

"We have local restaurants, some more recent than others, that I would like to see thrive. Food trucks would only harm that," wrote Sommer on Maplewood-Brentwood Patch's Facebook page.

Other users were quick to support the idea, however.

"Would love to have food trucks in Maplewood. We actually will travel to where some of our favorite trucks are parked. I know other people do that too. Those people would become visitors to our community and would get a chance to see all the cool things we have to offer," Jennifer Day wrote.

Andy Fallert said that food truck operators are local business owners that should be supported too.

"Theses are not trucks operated by large corporations, they are owned and operated by people that live in the area and want to offer a new type of dining to stl," Fallert wrote.

Andy Roberts had an idea that incorporates the .

"You could put the food trucks on Sutton by the old bus loop. People could enjoy lunch in the grassy area or shelter. I agree with Kevan, I don't think it would turn away business to local restaurants/shops, but instead bring new people into the Maplewood business district that may have never been and actually step into the stores after they eat. Perhaps local shops could also set up and vend during the lunch as well driving traffic to their stores," Roberts wrote.

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mormit February 11, 2012 at 05:58 PM
I'm neutral on the idea. Allowing food trucks would be fine but I don't think I would go to them. There are already plenty of great food options within walking distance. From the Sutton Loop park you can walk over to Shop&Save for a picnic meal or get carry outs from Maya Cafe or The Wood.
Karen February 14, 2012 at 03:41 AM
I think this is a great idea that will attract people from different communities to Maplewood. It would be a simple solution that would allow maplewood to offer more of a broad range of cusines. I doubt that it will take away from the brick and mortar establishments....people aren't going to make plans to go to Monarch or Acero and change their mind and end up at a food cart. The food carts that I went to in Portland Oregon on Alberta offered FANTASTIC food. It was artsy, eclectic and cool. These weren't hot dog carts; I'm sure that isn't the vision for Maplewood either. I am excited about the forward thinking here, however. I hope there is a better idea than using the Sutton bus loop location.


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