Woman Allegedly Robbed Outside Shane Co., Suspect in Custody

The alleged armed robbery could be connected to others in the area. The suspect drove the same type and color of car as a similar Brentwood robbery attempt.

A woman's purse was allegedly taken at gunpoint near in Brentwood on Monday just before 1 p.m. according to a KMOV video.

KMOV states that a suspect is in custody after a chase on Interstate 64 and I-70. 

"Several times during the chase the suspect was seen going the wrong way along the interstate, travelling nearly 70 mph according to police," The KMOV article reports.

KSDK reports that the suspect kept the chase going even after some of his tires were flattened with spike strips.

"Unfortunately he got off the lot before we could identify him," Sgt. Jim McIntyre said. He said they notified the surrounding departments, and a  Ladue officer saw the car going north on I-170 and they radioed ahead. The suspect went east on I-70 and was stopped in north St. Louis city.

"It was a collective effort, eventually it was St. Louis City that took him into custody," McIntyre said.

The suspect was driving a white Chevy Impala, the same type and color of car a suspect used in a outside on May 23.

McIntyre can't say if the two incidents are related yet.

"Things are starting to come to fruition right now," he said. "Obviously it would be great if all of that was connected. At this point the investigation hasn't led us to that."

McIntyre said the suspect hasn't been charged yet.

"We're hoping that tomorrow (Wednesday) we're going to be over at the prosecutor’s office. We're very confident we'll get warrants," he said.




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