Brentwood Fire Chief Requests New Pumper Truck in 2013

A truck bought in 2002 would be put into reserve.

Brentwood Fire Department’s every-day pumper truck is close to 10 years old. Fire Chief Ted Jury is requesting that the city replace it with a new one in 2013.

Jury recommended, at the Sept. 27 Public Safety Committee meeting, that the city sell its 20-year-old reserve pumper, put its current pumper into reserve status, and buy a new truck, at a cost of approximately $800,000.

He said Brentwood has traditionally rotated a new fire truck in every seven to eight years, and Brentwood’s current front line pumper is from 2002. The current reserve pumper was bought in 1994. He said the industry recommendation is a 20-year age limit.

“I’m recommending a heavy duty rescue pumper, which is considerably different than the truck we have now,” he said. “The truck we have now is a run-of-the-mill fire truck, it doesn’t have a lot of versatility.”

He said a new truck and the equipment on the truck, are separate purchases. He has looked into lease/purchase financing, which he said has lower interest rates. The truck and the equipment could be combined into one agreement.

Jury said Assistant Chief Terry Kurten has “covered every square inch” of the new truck considering new equipment. Safety is the department’s first priority, Jury said.

The new truck would have more storage room. He’d like a new, stronger jaws of life, rescue saws, hoses, and a system that refills breathing tanks at the scene of a fire. He said some of the old equipment could be moved over to a new truck.

Jury said the truck bought in 1994 could be sold on consignment for from $20,000 to $45,000 on the conservative side, to as high as $80,000.





J. Davis October 04, 2012 at 10:29 PM
could someone explain what this new truck would do that the existing truck(s) don't? We have several fire departments within a short distance of Brentwood. Is there any effort made to cooperate with other cities as opposed to duplicating equipment?
Jack Bock October 05, 2012 at 03:46 AM
It sounds like to me Chief Jury makes a lot of sense. He is keeping in line the average years of rotation of the current truck vs. old reserve truck and keeping us up to date with new equipment and safe. One new item sounds good to me, if the firefighters expend their air tanks and do not have a way to replenish the air tank on site he may as well stop fighting the fire and come on home. Chief, if you need more support, have it placed on the agenda for a regular public board meeting and present it to those who are present at the meeting. In addition, put your request in the PULSE, and why we need a new truck. You will receive a whole bunch of support. Also Chief, as the new man on the block, you need to ask some of your older firefights my address, (Kevin Seelbach, Matt Stovrink).
Rudy Caparros December 18, 2012 at 09:06 PM
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