Fire At Hunan Wok Will Close Doors Until at Least Monday

The fire started on the stove and went into the vent system.

fire chief Ted Jury said a fire at , in the 2400 block of South Brentwood Boulevard, a block away from the firehouse, changed his plan to get home a bit early on Friday afternoon.

The fire started on a stove and went into the vent system. Firefighters had to break into the kitchen ceiling to put it out, though the restaurant’s fire suppression system was triggered and extinguished most of the blaze. Jury said it was out quickly.

"There was grease on the back wall, and fire went up the back of the wall and kept going," said Derek Gerhardt, with Central Safety & Fire, in Des Peres.

"They cook with a lot of peanut oil," he said.

His company was to repair the damage. He said the metal vents weren't warped from the heat, but one and maybe both fans will need to be replaced. He also said the restaurant will take the opportunity to upgrade it's fire system.

Jury said the restaurant will be closed until Brentwood's building inspector has determined everything is fixed and up to code.

Angela Lin has owned the business for six years. She said she hoped to be reopened by Monday.

"Many thousands," she said, when asked the cost of the repairs. She said she hated to see the firefighters tearing out the ceiling in her kitchen.


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