Maplewood Man Charged With Stealing Items Worth $4,500

The man is accused of burglarizing a home in the block he lived in as the owner was in the midst of a move.

A Maplewood man is accused of burglarizing and stealing items valued at more than $4,500 from a home in the midst of a move.

Richard Heberer, 44, was charged with the Feb. 19 burglary and theft in the 2500 block of Gerhard Avenue.

The owner was in the process of moving out of the home as a tenant was moving in. Furniture delivery workers called the tenant and told him they’d seen a gray Jeep Cherokee leaving the residence at a high rate of speed. The tenant arrived and found the house had been burglarized.

Neighbors told they saw Heberer, who lives in the same block, and another man enter the backyard. They also saw one of them leave through the front carrying a purple tote bag.

Maplewood Police found a Jeep Cherokee matching the description that belonged to Heberer’s mother, who said she allowed her son to use her car. The mother consented to a search and police found a boomerang in the vehicle that belonged to the burglarized home’s owner, according to a Maplewood Police report.

The report also stated that the delivery workers identified Heberer as the driver of the gray Jeep Cherokee from a photo lineup.


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