SpongeBob Nabbed at Waffle House

A roundup of odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports in and around the area.

Returning Maternity Clothes?

At the Saint Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, a pregnant woman assaulted a Victoria's Secret store clerk April 26 after the clerk refused to let her return an item. As she was being arrested, her water broke and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The Square Pants Also Could Have been A Giveaway

Taco Bell employees in Arnold reported April 22 that a man wearing a SpongeBob hat stole a donation jar holding less than $10. Police found the suspect at a nearby  Waffle House.

The Radio Was in the Closet?

A burglar went to a lot of trouble by breaking a bedroom window, entering an apartment and rifling through a bedroom closet, only to steal a $25 portable radio. The theft occurred May 1 at an apartment complex on Mt. Everest Drive in Fenton. Sheriff's deputies investigating the case learned of another burglary down the street with similar circumstances. That victim said nothing appeared to be missing.

Chimneas Usually Are Kept in the Backyard

Someone started a fire in the toilet bowl in the front yard of a home on South Elm Avenue in Webster Groves on May 6. The fire was flushed out by the fire department.

The Beer Can Trail May Have Been a Giveaway

Police investigated a report of someone tossing beer cans from a vehicle on South Kirkwood Road in Kirkwood on April 13. Officers stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver, a man with three prior alcohol related traffic convictions, was driving under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested.

Sleeping It Off in a Grocery Store Parking Lot

A 21-year-old woman who had been partying with friends was sleeping it off in the back seat of a car May 6 in the parking lot of an Arnold grocery store. When she woke up somewhere around 3 a.m. she couldn't find her boyfriend. When she eventually found him talking to someone else she punched him in the face. She was arrested for domestic violence and released with an injury to her hand.

This is Never a Good Idea

A 23-year-old intoxicated woman in Chesterfield who exposed herself May 8 slapped the officer who was interviewing her about the incident.

The Odd Things People Steal in Chesterfield

A 28-year-old man was caught stealing liquor and air freshener May 6 at Chesterfield Mall. Meat was stolen April 14 in a burglary at one home, a patio umbrella turned up missing April 29 from another home and another homeowner reported May 1 that pool cleaning items were missing from his garage.

A Concord Oddity, Too

A yellow flatbed trailer loaded with a tree stump grinder was reported stolen from a business in Concord.


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