Sports Attic Cleanup Has Begun

It took more than four months to start the work. The cause of the fire still hasn't been determined.

A beautiful Tuesday in was made more so in Ward 3 by the presence of heavy equipment shoveling the remains of the into dumpsters lined with plastic.

The bar was destroyed by fire on Cardinals opening day (April 13). Now, more than a month after the 2012 All-Star Game, trucks are hauling away the rubble.

After hearing complaints in Monday’s board of aldermen meeting, Brentwood mayor Pat Kelly said the owner had a permit for the cleanup over a month ago, but St. Louis County wouldn’t let them start.

All the utilities had to be cut before work could start, and Kelly said the county wanted the water to be shut off at the main, across Manchester Road, rather than on the lot. Kelly said working that out caused the delay.

Resident Denise Soebbing said it looked like some areas of East St. Louis.

“Nothing against East St. Louis, but my God, we have a million-and-a-half-dollar sign saying welcome to Brentwood on one side, and here we have a pile of rubble for almost six months with asbestos since April,” Soebbing said.

Brentwood fire chief Ted Jury was watching the cleanup work Tuesday morning, as a photographer was taking pictures from a Brentwood public works cherry picker.

He said the investigation into the cause of the fire is still being investigated by St. Louis County. He said he hopes to have the report by the next public safety committee meeting.

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