Weird Crimes: Sword Attack, Train Robbery, Truck Full of Lab Mice and More

This is a roundup of recent odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports from in and around the St. Louis area.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Yard Gnomes in Crestwood

It was a bad day for lawn ornaments on June 27 in Crestwood when a mailbox at a Lodge Pole Lane home was smashed by a concrete rabbit lawn ornament. The same day a pink flamingo lawn ornament was stolen from a Crestwood home on Liggett Drive.

Possible Serial Hugger Nabbed

Police in Warson Woods arrested a 44-year-old St. Louis County man June 20 at the Des Peres Police Department after receiving several reports that the man was hugging female shoppers at a business on Manchester Road over the past several months. One victim reported being kissed on the lips by the man.

KSDK Newschannel 5 reported the Des Peres Police Department also received complaints about the man from women in Des Peres, St. Peters, High Ridge, near Ballwin and in Fairview Heights, IL.

Sword Play

A Kirkwood police investigation resulted in the arrest of a man who allegedly assaulted another man with a sword. The assault victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. The swordsman was being held on $100,000 bond.

Investigation revealed that the above suspect had assaulted the victim with a sword causing a serious injury to the victim’s arm. The victim was admitted to an area hospital for treatment. Earnhart is being held on $100,000 bond.

Train Robbery Make a Comeback

On June 25 Kirkwood police officers were called to an eastbound Amtrak train stopped at the Kirkwood train station to investigate a report by the train conductor that a purse containing cash, credit cards and an iPod had been stolen during the train ride. Police discovered another passenger had stolen the purse, which was recovered, After the suspect was arrested and removed from the train, police also another discovered another passenger's property in the suspect's possession.

Several White Peacock Sightings in St. Louis County

Police in Glendale say they had several calls about a white peacock roaming neighborhoods in the 300 block of Luther Lane, the 800 block of E. Essex and the 800 block of Hanamoor Court. A police report said investigators in early July discovered that a white peacock belonged to a Ballwin man who was attempting to capture it. According to the report: "He bought three of these peacocks earlier this year, (and) he did not know the wings had to be clipped to prevent them from flying."

Teri Graves, director of education at World Bird Sanctuary, said her facility has received a number of reports of loose peacocks—some of them albinos, some with the traditional plumed—since early spring.

Reports have come from South County and other parts of the region.

"They're not native to this area. It's clearly one that has gotten away from someone," Graves said.

You Needed to Speak Up in Brentwood on June 30

Brentwood Police reported several incidents of loud activity in their city on June 30, including:

2:37 a.m. – Loud music in the 1400 block of Peacock Ln.

7:09 p.m. – Fireworks in the 8900 block of Litzsinger Rd.

8:10 p.m. – Fireworks  at Salem Rd. at Bedford Ct.

10:06 p.m. – An ice cream truck was stopped for playing its music too loud in the 9100 block of Pine Ave.

11:02 p.m. – A loud party was reported in the 2600 block of Melvin Ave.

Oops! Bank Robbery Note Discarded?

A threatening note found June 1 at a Richmond Heights credit union was turned over to police. The manager of discovered the message June 1 while working at the front of the building, 1436 S. Big Bend Blvd.

The note said: “I have a gun in the bag and I want 20 thousand dollars now in one hundred dollar bills NOW."

One Way to Beat the Heat

Police arrested a subject July 4 for allegedly walking in the nude in the 1900 block of Western Cape Drive.

Cold Mice Taken For a Ride

St. Charles police said two drunk people who also had used heroin June 29 stole a refrigerated truck from a motel parking lot that contained 2,000 laboratory mice. The mice were valued at $10,000. The truck's value was set at $50,000. The intoxicated men drove the truck to Bridgeton but could not find the Bridgeton hotel they were looking for and decided to return to St. Charles. They were pulled over on Intestate 70 and arrested by Bridgeton police.


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