Brentwood Police Catches Neigborhood Speeder, Makes Resident Happy

Chief Steve Disbennett said 95 percent of the tickets go to residents.

At the Sept. 27 Brentwood Public Safety Committee meeting, a discussion of residents’ requests for police on neighborhood streets came up.

Brentwood Chief of Police Steve Disbennett said when a resident asks for extra surveillance at a particular neighborhood corner, he gives it.

“It’s difficult to respond to somebody, when they say, ‘my kid almost got hit by a car, and I want a police car out here watching that stop sign,’” Disbennett said.

“I can’t respond that that’s not an important thing,” he said. “I do believe it’s important, because if they’re concerned about their child’s safety, I’ve got to put a police car there, and if we write tickets, we write tickets, and it’s usually not the person who almost hit their kid, but it’s sure making them happy.”

He said when he assigns a patrol car in a neighborhood, 95 percent of the tickets are given to residents, not to someone cutting through.

Resident Bob Addis testified to Disbennett’s actions at the Oct. 15 Board of Aldermen meeting. He had complained previously about cars speeding and running a stop sign at High School Drive and Bridgeport.

“Thanks to Chief Disbennett and the dedicated men and women of the police department of the City of Brentwood for their response and dedication to the concern I brought up at a Board of Aldermen meeting about the traffic problems at Bridgeport and High School Drive,” Addis said.

“They didn’t get all of them, but I saw them get one,” he said. “They all deserve a good”…he clapped his hands.

Mayor Pat Kelly responded to Addis’ comment about the corner.

“The police did get a call one day that a suspicious vehicle was sitting out in front of the high school, which they responded to, and it turned out to be a detective’s car, so they did double-duty that day,” he said.

Stefano Sommer October 24, 2012 at 03:58 PM
This is just me, but in my experience one of the most dangerous areas is on highway 64/40 between Brentwood and Big Bend. So many people drive like psychopaths and will cut you off, almost hit you, etc. all without turn signals or concern for those around them.
Jack Bock October 24, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Sometimes it is not the drivers that concern me. I have complained the children are being taught with a crossing guard to cross Litzinger and High School drive diagionally. After school or on weekends you see the children crossing disgionally and drivers not familiar with what the children have been taught may eventually get hit by a car. When I inquired why they are crossing diagionally, I was informed it helps move traffic during rush hour. Is jay walking breaking the law? It used to be in downtown St. Louis.
Judy October 26, 2012 at 04:34 AM
where are the patrols at Mark Twain grade school? I see cars run stop signs and speed through that school zone everyday.


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