Brentwood Public Works: One More Rec Center Survey on the Way

Alderman Tom Kramer said the questions would be more detailed this time.

In the process to determine the future of the 37-year-old Brentwood Recreation Complex, the next step will be a survey to go out to residents.

The Brentwood Public Works Committee is currently interviewing companies in a search to find one to help them design and conduct that survey.

The committee interviewed two companies on Nov. 7, and a third will be scheduled in Dec.

City administrator Bola Akande said the service is expected to cost between $10,500 - $11,800.

Alderman Tom Kramer isn’t on the Public Works Committee, but was at the meeting last week.

He said the committee wants to know if residents would like to see a rebuilt recreation center, do they want to keep the ice skating rink, are they willing to support it with a bond issue, and how much are they willing to support it with?

He said recreation center talk has been going on for six years, which has spanned the recession.

“It’s possible many people’s opinions have changed about their lifestyle, what they currently see our rec center as able to provide, what they like and don’t like about it,” he said.

He said the committee is considering more detailed questions than in past surveys, specifically questions about cost.

“If it cost X would you be willing to support it?” Kramer said. “If it was going to cost Y would you be willing to support it?”

He said it’s approximately a 3-month process from start to finish, and that the committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to design the questions. The chosen firm will have input as well.

“It’s all about accuracy and making sure it’s as independent and filled with the best amount of response we can get.”







RDBet November 12, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Good luck with this. I hope they can target the survey questions toward options that are realistic and viable, instead of collecting a variety of wish lists.
Bob Earthal November 20, 2012 at 04:17 AM
I got the impression that the last survey was trying to gather support to close the ice rink and seemed to be advancing the idea of a pool / fitness center. Of all the possibilities, those are the 2 ideas I would never support. Government at any level, can decide to fill needs that the private sector cannot or will not provide. But the private sector does fitness centers better and cheaper than any gov't entity ever could - and tends to saturate areas with facilities. They respond instantly to market demands for new gizmos and machines, and come and go with market demand. No need to constantly reconfigure, buy stuff and hire people. And if anyone thinks a pool is cheaper to maintain than an ice-rink - look at the numbers. Municipalities are uniquely positioned to operate ice rinks. Yes, they require subsidies, but everthing the city does is subsidized with tax dollars, including that useless fountain next to the highway. How many locals are skating or swimming in that thing?


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