Brentwood's Trails System to Expand

The Brentwood Recreation Center may the the center of a system of trails.

Brentwood’s system of trails may be expanded in the future, connecting with trails belonging to Great Rivers Greenway and Trailnet. Some current trails may be completely resurfaced.

Trailnet recently completed a multi-community study including Maplewood, Brentwood and Richmond Heights for bikeable and walkable routes. Those routes, combined with what Brentwood’s Public Works Committee is calling the Brentwood Trails Expansion Initiative, will provide expanded trails throughout the city.

A Great Rivers Greenway trail, in Deer Creek Park, may be connected.

Committee chairman Alderman Keith Robertson (Ward 3) said in the Sept. 12 meeting that the Brentwood Recreation Complex could be the center of the system of trails.

“One reason we selected the existing location (for the recreation center) is it's convenient to everybody in the city,” Robertson said. “I think if we can make that sort of the nexus of our system, it all really starts to cohere.”

Alderman Tom Kramer (Ward 4), who spoke to the committee but is not on it, said he's concerned about bike trails marked on roads. He said bicyclists can’t keep up with traffic and usually don’t obey traffic signs or signal turns.

Robertson agreed.

“I’d rather give our residents something far superior, that would really increase Brentwood’s reputation and property values, frankly, to have safe trails for people of all ages," Robertson said. "Kids should never ride in the street, unless it’s a cul-de-sac.”

He said the committee should go out to the roads to suggest routes.

The city is applying for a grant to renovate the trail that runs from the inline rink in Memorial Park to Manchester Road, said Sue Krewson, Parks and Recreation department business manager.

She said the high-end estimate for the city’s part of the renovation would be $35,000, which would come from next year’s budget.

The committee’s next meeting, on Oct. 10, will be on the trail at the inline rink, so members can walk and inspect the trail.

Striek September 26, 2012 at 04:33 PM
This is encouraging, and am glad to see them taking this on. I am wondering how Rec Center would play into the trail system, since the existing trails are on the other side of Brentwood Blvd -which is a challenge for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross. Grant's Trail crosses major roads, but has dedicated stoplights not on a crossroad, just for the trail crossing (i.e. Big Bend & Watson rd). This way pedestrians/bikers aren't playing chicken with vehicles making turns at the crossroads. It will be difficult and hard on vehicle traffic to put another stoplight on Brentwood. I guess a bridge over the road would be the dream (costly) Doug, I'd be interested to see the Trailnet study, if you could point me to it. Thanks.


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