Maplewood Releases QuikTrip Status Statement

Maplewood City Manager Martin Corcoran says QuikTrip's signed lease is contingent upon approval of the necessary permits from the city. The statement below is the complete statement from the city, released Friday afternoon.

Status of QuikTrip in Maplewood

Release Date: Friday, May 25, 2012

There is quite a bit of buzz about the potential for a at the northwest corner of Manchester and Big Bend. City Manager, Marty Corcoran, has released a statement that is designed to answer many of the questions being asked and clarify the status of the proposed development as it presently stands:

Status of the MRH School District Involvement: When QuikTrip first approached the city about locating at Manchester and Big Bend (approximately 90 days ago); we asked them to go talk to the School District. On two separate occasions, QuikTrip and the School District along with School Board members, met with QuikTrip. The School Board then informed QuikTrip and the city that they were opposed to QuikTrip locating at the proposed location.

Status of the Lease for the Site at Big Bend and Manchester: QuikTrip has stated they plan to proceed in their attempt to locate at Manchester and Big Bend. It is the City of Maplewood’s understanding that they have signed a contingency lease with the property owner. The lease is null and void if QuikTrip does not get the necessary permits to open from the City of Maplewood. (caps and italics are Corcoran's)

Status of the City of Maplewood Process: At some point and time, this issue will come before the city’s Plan and Zoning Commission and the City Council. There will be public hearings at both meetings for individuals to express their opinions on the proposed QuikTrip.    To date the City has not received a formal application for the development for any of the needed city approvals; therefore there have been no opportunities for public input as the development has no official standing at this time. Regarding the CVS development, the City did hold a public forum at the City Council meeting and heard from many residents. The development went through our Plan & Zoning Commission, Design & Review Board and several City Council meetings so it is perplexing that members of the community were not aware of it.

Zoning of the Property at Big Bend and Manchester: This property is presently zoned to allow a convenience shop to locate on the property. Since the QuikTrip convenience shop will sell gasoline, it requires a Conditional Use Permit; thus, the Mayor and City Council will make the final determination of whether QuikTrip can locate at this location. If a convenience store that did not sell gasoline wished to open a facility at that location, they could do so without Council approval due to the property being zoned AB Arterial Business.

If QuikTrip follows through on this project, one could expect that the issue could come before the Maplewood Plan and Zoning Commission in July of this year.
Citizens and business owners' concerns are important to the City of Maplewood.

If there are any further questions please contact the City Manager:
Martin J. Corcoran, City Manager City of Maplewood City Hall 7601 Manchester Road Maplewood, Missouri 63143 Direct Line (314) 646-3603 E-mail: marty@cityofmaplewood.com

Doug Miner May 25, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Michelle - That's the corner - The building that houses the scooter shop would be torn down.
mormit May 26, 2012 at 12:53 AM
I have in the past found the City Council and City Manager to be very reasonable and transparent in their handling if city issues. Haven't agreed with them 100% but most of the time. That said, it is now up to us the residents and the MRH school board to persuade them that this is a very bad idea. QT needs to stay put.
Jeff Kiefer May 26, 2012 at 01:40 AM
Thank you to Mr. Corcoran for communicating via Patch getting the facts on the city's position and the process forward to a broader audience.
Regular Guy May 26, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I think the current QT location is fine. The City of Maplewood already gave QT extra land to open their current store. They did this by closing off Elm Ave. at BigBend and extending QT's lot accordingly. I feel that the city has already accommodated that business enough. If Quiktrip had done their homework years ago they would have known that their current location was too small. The question now for city officials is whether or not they want to lose sales revenue from QT. I think it's fair to say that Quiktrip will leave it's current location regardless of the council's/boards decision.
mormit May 27, 2012 at 04:12 AM
QT won't go anywhere. Sure they may not like the decision but what is their option? Give up a busy and lucrative location for where in the area? They nearly have their own private stoplight at Big Bend and Flora and a second entrance. The City of Maplewood closed off part of a city street to give their lot more room. Asking us for more is too much. They can make an offer to the auto body repair shop to the South if they want more space.


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