Four For Four, Krewson Runs For Ward 4 Alderwoman

She may be temporarily under the weather, but Brentwood aldermanic incumbent Lorraine Krewson has more work to do for the city.

Lorraine Krewson has unfinished business with the Brentwood Board of Aldermen. That’s why the 81-year-old Ward 4 alderwoman is seeking her fourth term.

Unfortunately, Krewson declined Patch's requests for an interview. She has not been feeling well lately. “It’s not a good time to be sick,” she said in a brief telephone conversation. “Not that there is any really good time to be sick.”

So Patch did some research on Krewson and identified some of her recent votes that Ward 4 residents might want to know about. We also talked with two peers.

Krewson has been an alderwoman since 2004 and currently serves on the Brentwood Public Safety Committee, the Ways and Means Committee and the Human Relations Commission. She is also the liaison between the city and its Chamber of Commerce, where she sits on its board of directors, and previously served two terms as president.  

“Lorraine’s institutional knowledge has and continues to be a great asset to the chamber,” said Mike Daming, Brentwood Chamber of Commerce president.

A long-time city employee, she began working for Brentwood in 1967 as the police department’s deputy court clerk and as secretary to the chief of police. She worked 30 years for the city and retired ten years ago as the deputy city clerk. 

After her retirement, Krewson was appointed to the city Planning and Zoning Commission, which she left when she became an alderwoman. 

Here are some recent votes Krewson cast in the past year.

• that would have allowed smoking at the Post 101. Her reasons were personal: her father, brother and ex-husband died from lung cancer.

• She voted to as Brentwood’s Parks Director. Frankowski was ousted after a heated argument with City Administrator Bola Akande. The board was divided 4-4 in a vote. Mayor Pat Kelly broke the tie, electing to terminate Frankowski's employment.

• Krewson was one of five aldermen whoat the corner of Bridgeport Avenue and High School Drive. Krewson thought that the temporary sign, which was only used when school was in session, was confusing. She also cited safety as a concern. The bill passed and the sign is now permanent.

“She has just been a joy to work with,” said Ward 1 Alderwoman Barb Clements about Krewson.

Clements, who is retiring this April, has worked with Krewson on the Public Safety Committee. “Her (many) years as an employee have helped with understanding the operations of the city,” she said.

“Despite being quiet, she has a lot going on up there. She has a lot of smarts, a lot of common sense.”

Because we were unable to speak with her, Patch does not know Krewson’s opinion about the Brentwood Recreational Complex nor do we know what she views as the top issues facing the city or Ward 4, which occupies.

Krewson has four grown children and nine grandchildren.

Tenacious April 01, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Lorraine Krewson is a very strong, knowledgeable citizen. She is focused on the issues in the city both business and residential. She has so much to offer because of the vast experience that she brings to the table. Due to her background as a city clerk, she is able to advise the new city administrator when proper procedures are not being followed. She understands the needs of and the issues facing the employees and how to improve processes in order to serve the community better. Lorraine is not a politician but everything a citizen would want representing them on the board. Smart, savvy, sincere and steadfast. That's the 4 qualities for Ward 4.


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