Fraud Policy on Accrued Vacation and Sick Leave Considered by Brentwood Aldermen

The Brentwood Board of Aldermen will also continue work on the 2013 budget.

These bills will be considered at the Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting

  • #5701 – The third reading of an ordinance authorizing an amendment of the Brentwood employee handbook, providing a fraud policy regarding payout of accrued vacation and sick leave.
  •  #5714 – The second reading of the 2013 city budget.

The board of aldermen in its previous meeting approved 3 percent merit raises for city employees.

  •  #5716 – Development of physical ability standards and testing for police officers.
  •  #5717 – Grants approval of a site development plan for a property at 155 Hanley Industrial Court (Little Fishes Swim School).
  •  #5718 – Authorizes the city to enter into an agreement between the City of Brentwood, Ricoh, USA, and U.S. Communities.

 A closed session is planned to consider a legal action.

See the included PDF from the City of Brentwood for the complete agenda.

Also in Patch:

  • Brentwood City Employees to Keep 3 Percent Merit Raise in New Budget
  • Brentwood City Employees to Get Merit Raise if Current 2013 Budget Passes


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