Jumpin Jupiter Performers on Stage Wednesday Night Rehearsing for Final Show?

Chairs were on the tables, but performers were on the stage Wednesday night. Owner Jim Callahan said on Facebook they are open, despite the business license revocation Tuesday night.

Performers, no more than half a dozen, were rehearsing on the Jumpin Jupiter stage Wednesday night. There was no audience. This could be seen from the window on the Sutton Boulevard side of the club around 11:30 p.m.

Technically they weren't supposed to be there, Maplewood City Clerk Karen Scheidt said Thursday morning. She said technically, because Jumpin Jupiter's business license was revoked for nonpayment of taxes on Tuesday, but the papers haven't been served yet.

Scheidt said she would tell the appropriate authorities in city hall about the sighting.

The Jumpin Jupiter Facebook page stated on Monday:

FINAL Performance of the "Absinthe Follies" Burlesque is this Friday and tickets have been going like mad! Don't miss your chance to see what has been called the best and most fun Burlesque show in Saint Louis!

The question of whether Jumpin Jupiter is planning a final performance, or if the past-due state taxes have been paid, couldn't be answered immediately, as messages left on two different phone voice mails haven't been returned.

Jim Callahan, on his own Facebook page, on Tuesday, confirmed the club is open:

Before the media blitz hits I would like to say, yes we are open. House band rehearsal was awesome. The opening for the x mas show is really pretty. And the reality tv show is developing nicely and yes we're open.

On Wednesday, Callahan posted a refererence to an attack, along with a shoutout to Maplewood-Brentwood Patch.

Big News!! The Jumpin Jupiter is being attacked by aliens who are using killer bees that look like Elvis, fresh out of rehab, to do the attack. It is said that the illuminati headed by Linsey Lohan and Britney Spears, who is having sex with Brad Pitt, who BTW, OMG is pissed (sad face here) at her for sleeping with Angela J. First. More about the Jumpin Jupiter and a pig that was born looking like Princes Diane reincarnate coming soon. Read it all in the Mapplewood patch.

The papers, as of Thursday morning, haven't been served to Callahan, so a final resolution isn't known yet. 

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MUTiger87@gmail.com November 29, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Ok two things... 1. Callahan's comments - Uh what? 2. What about the boobies? I want to be able to drive down Manchester and see half nekkid women!!!
Burlesque Mom November 30, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Doug maybe you should really consider doing some research before you go posting non-sense. It wouldn't take much to look a little deeper. I am good friends of two of the performers in their Friday show...its listed as a "Final Show" because they are debuting a BRAND NEW SHOW the following week. There is a new show debuting this Saturday and then another debut show debuting next Friday. It's the closing performance of the "Absinthe Follies" show. They constantly produce new shows to keep things fun and fresh. Also from everything I have been told the issue with taxes was a misunderstanding and is being handled. They will continue to be open. Personally from the history it seems you have some personal vendetta against the venue which if you do more power to you but perhaps if you are going to be a "REPORTER" you should try to be a little more impartial. Oh and notice you cover all this but you say NOTHING about the fact they have been doing a "Toys for Tots" drive or the fact they have been giving FREE Tickets to military personnel. But I guess its only news to you if you can slam on them huh?
Regular Guy November 30, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I don't think Doug is is being biased here. It is news when a business fails to pay taxes. I have been to the Jumpin Jupiter twice for shows with a group of people and have enjoyed both of them. The fact is, I pay my taxes on time and that is what this business should do as well. How can not paying taxes be a "misunderstanding"? You either pay them or you don't. I have talked to someone involved behind the scenes for this place and they shared with me that the owner has a very good sense for burlesque but not a very good sense of how a business should be run. You would think that the owner would realize by now that he needs to put some money aside so that when it's time to settle up with Uncle Sam he is good to go.
Burlesque Mom December 03, 2012 at 02:48 PM
What I was told by the people I know at the venue (my daughter being one of them) is the tax issue was based in an issue with the online filing/payment system for state taxes, in fact the Jupiter was doing everything they were supposed to be it just wasn't getting through to where it needed to go. The issue has been corrected as far as I was told so I would call that a misunderstanding. Being nearly 50 years old and a single mother I had more than my share of misunderstandings with trying to do my taxes online so personally I get it. Also I must ad one need only look at the final part of the article to realize that the reporter either doesn't use common sense, doesn't do his research or is in fact possibly just plain not bright. The "attack story" on Jim's page was not a "shout out" to the patch but CLEARLY a bit of sarcasm directed at the style unfactual incomplete and many times totally absurd reporting that Doug does. Same as above he referenced a facebook post for a final performance that in the SAME post it said there would be a BRAND NEW SHOW debuting the following week. Show's open and close all the time while the venue stays open, its show business. So at worst Doug is a terrible reporter and didn't do his research, at best he intentionally worded things to try and do damage to the venue in which case he would be guilty of libel/slander.
Jamestown December 19, 2012 at 12:11 AM
Doug - I find your reporting to be spot on and non-bias. When shady things go on, like failure to pay 8 months of commercial rent, failure to pay performers and vendors, and a years worth of state taxes on 3 separate occasions, you report them in a very diplomatic light. I would be very easy to bash JJ at this point, and you have never done so. However as I'm sure you've noticed, your journalisim investigations on JJ and ownership seem to be interpreted as paparazzi and blow up Calahan's head larger with each article. Even under these circumstances I'm sure he feels like something of a star for making the patch news, feeding his ego. Guess that reality TV show has some real dirt now eh?


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