Maplewood City Council Agenda: QuikTrip, Anti-Discrimination, Food Trucks

QuikTrip is on the agenda, and that's not all.

There's a full agenda for the Council meeting tonight.

Following is a summary of some of the items.

  • A public hearing will be held to hear citizen’s comments on the proposed 2012 tax rates for the City of Maplewood.
  • An ordinance amending the Maplewood Code of Ordinances to include sexual orientation and gender identity in various sections of the Maplewood Code regarding discrimination is before the board. This has been tabled for months.
  • An ordinance authorizing a planned unit development district and approving a Preliminary Development Plan and Preliminary Subdivision Plat for approximately 1.29 acres of land bounded on the north by 2633 Big Bend Boulevard, on the west by Martini Drive, on the south by Manchester Road and on the east by Big Bend Boulevard. This is the proposed site.
  • An ordinance establishing the tax rates for the City of Maplewood and the Maplewood Special Business District. The residential property tax rate is set at 1¢ less than last year and represents a reduction of 14.2¢ over what the city could legally levy. The commercial tax rate represents an increase of 2.8¢ and the personal property tax rate remains the same.
  • An ordinance establishing new ward boundaries as required after each 10 year census. The difference between the largest ward, Ward 3 with 2,690 and the smallest ward, Ward 1 with 2,677 residents is 13.
  • An ordinance appropriating/transferring $48,100 from the unappropriated fund balance of the General Fund to account 1103-00-40600 Special Counsel. The reason we have exceeded the budgeted amount for this transfer is because of fees associated with the Deer Creek and Sunnen development projects and a large number of nuisance hearings that have been held by the Public Works Department to cleanup problem properties. This bill has been read two times and tabled and is now ready for final Council action.
  • A discussion of food trucks. Councilmember Dunn has requested that the issue of food trucks be placed on the Council Agenda for discussion.


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