Maplewood Council Gives 2 Votes to Food Trucks

One more meeting and food trucks could have the green light.

With no discussion and two votes in Tuesday’s council meeting, Maplewood City Council moved to within two weeks of allowing food trucks in Maplewood for a trial period. The final vote could take place at the next meeting, on Oct. 23.

At the Sept. 25 council meeting, co-owner of The Post, Adrian Glass, on behalf of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce suggested putting off a trial period, but the council didn’t agree.

After Tuesday’s meeting, councilman Barry Greenberg said starting a six-month trial period in November would work well.

“Six months, through April, I think is a good representation whether they’re serious or not,” he said. “If we give (food truck owners) the best months, I don’t know if that’s an accurate evaluation.”

He said if food trucks don’t show up or if existing businesses have a downturn that can be attributed to food trucks, the city will have more information to base a further decision on.

He also said food trucks could increase business at brick and mortar shops.

If that happens, “I’m sure there will be a lot of pleasantly surprised people,” he said, “and we’ll know that the businesses and the majority will be happy with the results.”

If the council passes the ordinance at the Oct. 23 meeting the law would go into effect two weeks after that.


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