Maplewood Council to Consider Final Pieces of Deer Creek Center Redevelopment

Three out of four pieces of the Deer Creek Center redevelopment are in their final reading at tonight's meeting.

The Maplewood City Council needs to pass three pieces legislation for the Deer Creek Center redevelopment to happen, and all three are on the agenda for their final reading at tonight’s city council meeting.

  • One declares the area a Community Improvement District (CID), which would levy a one cent sales tax for stores to be built there. Half would go toward development costs and the other half would pay down the tax increment financing (TIF).
  • The TIF that authorizes the execution of the redevelopment agreement is up for its final reading.
  • A third piece of the Deer Creek Center up for its final reading declares the area is blighted, and designates it as a redevelopment area.

A law that would prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity into various sections of Maplewood law is on the agenda, but is noted to be tabled.

A public hearing is scheduled on the Planned Unit Development that includes moving the Sunnen MetroLink parking lot from the west side of the tracks, near the Mini Cooper development, to the east side of the tracks, and just east of the station.


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